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2018 's Hottest 10 technology keywords, every move will change the future

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2018 's Hottest 10 technology keywords, every move will change the future
The end of the 2017 is accompanied by the advent of a new year, with many technologies maturing this year, which are likely to be more stable in the 2018, and what are the notable technological trends of the 2018?
The end of the 2017 is accompanied by the advent of a new year, with many technologies maturing this year, which are likely to be more stable in the 2018, and what are the technological trends of the 2018? and see the Top ten technical keywords 2018. 2017 for human science and technology can be said to be the development of science and technology in full swing year, from Ai Ai to unmanned vehicles, from the Internet of Things to the sound-control device into the home, or the mobile phone from the inside out technology renovation, from the full screen phone to face recognition unlock, and then add the latest 5G high-speed network, in addition, The new Micro LED display technology is also expected to bring a new world of mobile device panels, mobile phone's new era of revolution is coming; On the other hand, the virtual world of technology development is also worth seeing, the 2017 augmented reality, the new rise of the mixed reality is there a chance to be a dark horse? Finally, What is the technology of the block chain that the financial industry is now conspicuous?

  1. "Artificial Intelligence" will become the main battlefield In May this year, Google DeepMind AI Alphago and the World chess Coger "Man-machine Chess" contest launched, attracting many global Weiqi enthusiasts, while many technology manufacturers also attach great importance to the game. In the end, Alphago easily defeated chess Coger, proving that Ai's computing power can indeed surpass human beings, and that at the Computex 2017 Conference held in Taipei this year, technology makers were also displaying AI robots on the scene, attracting the attention of many media and people.
Now the AI just jump out of the laboratory phase of the experiment, the current stage of development is similar to the early 90 's nascent internet, although the future will have unlimited applications can be expected, but everyone is still ignorant of it, do not know what field to start. Ai for the future impact will be divided into two levels, one is the transformation of products and services themselves, the second is the use of AI in the production process, management and business processes, to promote industrial upgrading.
Gartner, the renowned authority for international research, has also named all sectors of the world, ranging from electronics 0 components, Netcom Industries, semiconductors to the auto industry and robots. 2017 can be said to be AI glow fever year, the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2016 AI artificial intelligence as the "fourth Industrial Revolution" core, Gartner published the Top ten Strategic technology trends in 2018, Ai Ai is listed as one of the most important technology in 2018 , and said that all the AI based business models and solutions are ongoing innovation, in the next five years, how to let AI and machine learning to infiltrate human life, will be the main battlefield of all technology manufacturers.
2. "Unmanned vehicle" development more skillful
Unmanned technology has already appeared in the 1980, up to 21st century today, unmanned driving technology leaps and bounds, the industry has sprung up, and auto industry estimates that unmanned driving is expected to be popular 2030 years ago. Whether it's an ordinary car or an unmanned mass transit vehicle, unmanned vehicles in the 2017 can be said to be the hottest topic in the automotive industry, Taipei and Kaohsiung have started to carry out unmanned bus testing, but limited by the existing regulations on the "vehicle" strict norms, requires the steering wheel, the designated number of escape doors and so on, It is not possible to apply for a test licence or to conduct a general road test to cause the regulations to keep up with the development of science and technology, and in view of this, the Transport Department formally revised the law, declaring that the relevant legal sources and management points of unmanned vehicles will be established at the end of the year.
Vehicle Testing Center ARTC said that if the unmanned vehicle to succeed, in addition to the relevant laws and regulations to follow, but also must match their own sensing technology, positioning technology, decision-making technology, three indispensable.
Sensing technology refers to the vehicle to be able to detect the surrounding state of travel in real time, positioning technology is able to really send passengers to fixed-point, decision-making technology is the integration of the above technology, make appropriate judgments. In fact, countries around the world are the "unmanned vehicles" related to the concept of the rush, especially many technology companies, car manufacturers are engaged in unmanned vehicle research and development, such as Google, Apple, Uber, Tesla, B&W, and so on, which Tesla has been officially mass production of "Automatic Driving" ( Autopilot) "The vehicle is the most, although it is not possible to achieve true unmanned, but Tesla's automatic driving has been able to predict land traffic conditions, improve the safety of motorists." In addition, Tesla recently launched a "marching" technology of electric trucks, advertised more than one truck can "automatically" follow the leading vehicles.
Coincidentally, as Tesla launched a new electric truck, Uber said it was developing unmanned trucks, "the future of automatic truck will be with the artificial driver to work together, from the automatic driving truck responsible for the main long-distance transportation, and the truck driver is responsible for transporting the goods to the final destination."
” Gartner says that with the current development of driverless cars, there will be a chance to see the driverless vehicle running on the road in conditions, in a detailed specification and under controlled condition by 2022, but the general-purpose self-driving car may still need to have a driving seat in the driver's seat for at least the next five years, To prevent the problem of technical failure without early warning.
3. "Internet of Things" fully activated The Internet of Things is a new technology service that all countries in the world are trying to promote, the China-sponsored "2017 World of Things online exposition" has just ended, Rowan, Vice Minister of China's Ministry of Industry, said that the market in 2018 is expected to be more than 100 billion U.S. dollars, and 2021 of global networking equipment will reach 28 billion units,
16 billion of them will be connected to the Internet of things. Today's Internet of things has become one of the world's recognized trends in the future, is being popularized at a very rapid rate in society, changing the industry and upgrading the industry to a new level. And in the coming 2018, the number of devices on the Internet will continue to increase, which means more than just mobile phones and pens, we will be exposed to a growing number of smart devices in our daily lives, such as smart doors, smart locks and so on, and the growth will expand the use of the Internet of things to make it more accurate.
In addition, mobile devices will be used more widely, in the process, in order to connect with the ever-increasing intelligence devices, people must have personal devices for managing smart homes, and smartphones will play an important role. And the most concerned security issue in the development of the Internet of things, in fact, it is also the most important part of the technology industry in the development of the Internet of things, especially the current cyber hackers and extortion events spate, if there is a large number of devices using the Internet of things, whether it will lead to serious problems, is also a key topic of discussion.
Therefore, before realizing all the innovations in real life, we must first consider the potential security vulnerabilities and ensure data security, which will be the priority of the future promotion and popularization of the Internet of things.
4. "Voice assistant" stationed in the family Smart Speakers This is a two-year sound control device on the hottest industry topic, in 2016, Google launched Google home, access to a lot of industry attention, this year, Google again launched the Google home Mini, despite the crown of the "Mini", but originally Google's home features, which he also owns, are connected to many home networking products, allowing users to view family status through simple voice commands. On the other hand, Amazon is not outdone, operating for many years of Amazon Echo also continued to evolve, improve, with the voice assistant Alexa, also can achieve and Google home the same effect, and popular.
Today, smart Horn in the field in 2017 can be said to be a school of contention, Line developed artificial intelligence assistant Clova, combined with Asia-Pacific largest information platform line and Korea's first major search engine NAVER content and services, line in July this year, began to launch its own smart horn Clova WAVE Trial Version, in addition to voice function, but also to increase divination, news reading and TV remote control functions, the official version of the function is more rich, not only can read and pass a specific group of line messages, users can and Clova daily dialogue.
On the other hand, search engine Baidu, since last year has been news that will launch its own smart horn, a few days ago finally officially unveiled, the launch of the 256-dollar smart audio Raven H. Smart Horn is one of the important industries that every manufacturer wants to compete for in the 2017. With the booming of the internet of things, the future of smart home will become a new trend, with the mouse to replace the keyboard era of evolution so far, smartphones have become the most important mobile devices in people's lives, the future of Intelligent Butler will be freed hands, Through voice recognition and voice feedback, we can accomplish the big and small things in our daily life.
The Jarvis assistant in the future film "Iron Man" may not be just a dream!
5. Smart phone "biometric identification" Apple's annual flagship IPhone X carries the face ID of the High-profile facial recognition unlock system, which is valued by many industries and the general public. But face recognition is not the first time to hear, the establishment of the face++ in 2011, established in 2012 according to the map and the 2014 of the Shang Tang technology is currently providing a mature face recognition program, mainly used in security protection, access control, retail and other fields, and Apple faces ID the same, The main function of these facial recognition is to restrict the authority and guarantee the security.
With Apple's formal face recognition applied to smartphones, future handset makers will follow this trend, and in fact, only recently did OnePlus launch its newest flagship mobile OnePlus 5T, which also has a face-recognition system, and, according to foreign-media tests, OnePlus 5T
The face is unlocked much faster than the IPhone X, so that future phone features with facial recognition will be more accurate. When the fingerprint identification Touch ID first appeared on the IPhone 5s, it was also confronted with the same problem: technological improvements, the same applies to facial recognition, the new "first generation" features of mobile phone manufacturers tend to be the leader's foot color,
Subsequent improvements will be the focus of improved living facilities. Using biometric systems for smart-phone security features today, fingerprints and faces have been applied, and what is the next key to security? Recently, New York State University assistant professor found a new way to unlock the phone: "Sweat", sweat is unique to everyone,
and mobile phones or other wear devices can continue to learn the uniqueness of sweat, and build up the user's sweat recognition ability, help unlock, they even expected in the next 5-10 years may be the "sweat ID" real business.
When the fingerprint, face, Iris, voice, signature, even now sweat can be used as unlocking the biometric conditions of smartphones, 2018 will again appear what kind of "special" biological identification program is very much to look forward to.
6. "Full screen" mobile phone popularity, the rise of dual-screen mobile phones
The full screen borderless mobile phone became synonymous with advanced flagship handsets in 2017, whether it's the Android flagship or the current IPhone X, the narrower the border is, the better, and if the flagship isn't full screen design this year, it will be discussed and even criticized.
The introduction of new technologies and concepts tend to be accompanied by high unit prices, at present, although most of the screen mobile phone is the flagship level, but 2018 years later, the full screen will be "down" to the intermediate mobile phones, began to become popular, people will no longer need to spend a lot of money, can enjoy the visual experience of a borderless mobile phone. When the full screen mobile phone is universal, what will be the next top smartphone? What new gimmicks should be introduced to boost buying and even lead? The next step for Android may be a dual-screen handset, according to Digitimes, citing industry sources as saying that in order to compete differently with big-screen handsets such as the IPhone 8 Plus, including Huawei, OPPO, Samsung and many more Android handset makers, are interested in the introduction of a dual-screen folding design mobile phones. Huawei Consumer division CEO Yu has said the company is developing its own dual-screen devices, is expected to be unveiled by the end of 2018, there are also news that OPPO and other Chinese manufacturers are actively submitting patent applications. In addition, Samsung has filed a folding smartphone patent application in the US, which has been working on a prototype this April and may be the folded version of the Galaxy note.
The biggest advantage of a dual-screen mobile device is the ability to provide a better experience with multitasking, such as opening different applications on two screens or providing larger screen input space, and easy viewing of various content in large screen mode.
However, its shortcomings are also obvious, the biggest problem is that the hinge mechanism connecting two screens is easy to damage, two screens will have a gap and happy frame, etc., the latter is particularly noticeable when viewing the film. In addition to the dual-screen mobile phone, in fact, the flexible screen has been the key to the development of mobile phone manufacturers, in September this year, Samsung was the first to use a flexible screen folding smart phone "galaxy x" has passed the Korean RRA official certification, It is now speculated that Galaxy X is likely to be unveiled at the 2018 CES Consumer Electronics Show in the United States from January 9 to 12th next year.
Although there are no formal hardware specifications and appearance designs for dual-screen handsets and flexible phones, it is expected that the changes in the mobile screen will be more "resilient" in 2018 after the advent of full screen handsets.
7.5G High Speed Network October 31, 2017, Intel Senior Vice President and Network Platform Division general Manager Sandra Rivera, a semiconductor manufacturer, announced that Intel will provide 5G network support for the South Korean Pingchang Winter Olympics in 2018, Sandra that Intel will be the user and enterprise
Provides gigabit-level speed unlimited bandwidth access, ultra-low latency video distribution, and immersion content for mass broadcast. Intel says that with the evolution of smartphones and more mobile devices, 5G has become one of the most influential technological changes in the world, and that through its partnership with the IOC, Intel will let everyone understand and experience the future of 5G technology. With the South Korean Pingchang Winter Olympics will showcase 5G technology, 2018 will become the year 5G, the country's mobile operators are expected to adopt a more positive attitude to the use of 5G Technology, the Institute of CCS Insight estimates, in the case of the acceleration of the deployment of 5G commercial Network, 5G, the popularization of the speed will exceed the past generations of mobile networks Technology.
Compared with 4G mobile communication technology, 5G provides faster data transfer rate (theoretical download speed up to 5Gbps), expands wireless communication coverage and reduces network latency, and extends beyond consumer applications such as industry, transportation, medical, and other vertical industries.
According to the analysis of topology industry research associate, 5G commercialization is currently the most active in Japan and Korea, in addition to South Korea will be in the Winter Olympic exhibition technology, the July 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will also be Japan's 5G technology display stage. Although many of the world's telecommunications companies have been actively promoting the development of 5G networks, there are also related to the stage to provide a display, but still can not have a clear point of time to explain the 5G service time, until Qualcomm recently held the 4g/5g Summit and announced in the first half of 2018 the world's top 5G The modem chip platform Snapdragon X50 makes the 5G network more explicit.
In fact, at the beginning of setting the 5G standard final time period, about is set in 2017 to 2018, so Qualcomm this time to launch the Snapdragon X50 5G platform, but also allow telecommunications manufacturers to start the relevant testing, according to Qualcomm's plan, the 5G modem is expected to be in 2
017 years after the start of the year to send samples, and as for the integration of the data chip of the first batch of commercial products will be published in the first half of 2018.
8. "MR" re-evolution
Both virtual reality (VR) and augmented Reality (AR) have changed the small details of people's lives over the past two years. 2017 is the second year of VR's formal development, and this year, analysts are evaluating the future development of VR, but it is certain that VR will be used in more areas and will be used in social software, in addition to corporate markets such as medical, engineering and real estate. Looking back, when VR first appeared in 2016, mainly by the topic of most of the ingredients, to 2017 years to gradually turn into reality, from the game application to tourism, work, logistics, UAV video connection and other fields, experts analysis, 2017 VR hardware and software output will reach 3.4 billion U.S. dollars, in 2020, there will be outbreaks
Sexual growth, look at 22.4 billion dollars. On the other hand, in 2016 summer vacation launched the "Pokemon Go" officially brought up the mobile phone AR augmented reality of the upsurge, creating 1 billion of dollars of business opportunities, such a boom many Cortine factory also see in the eyes, have launched and AR-related applications, such as Microsoft developed second-generation AR chip, Google glasses 2 .0 re-shipment and so on, the most obvious is the camera AR application brought by Apple's new software, IOS 11. Due to the current general application of AR in smartphone relationships, the popularity and spread of AR among the general consumer seems to be faster than VR, the main key point is that it will be more than VR need to use additional head-wearing devices, AR only need to have a smartphone camera can do, for the general public, more readily available.
The future VR and AR will be able to provide a more "immersive experience", VR is the digital things to the real, AR is the reality of the object digitized into the virtual, the two will complement each other, forming a new mixed reality MR experience. Microsoft's push for Windows Mixed Reality, formerly known as Windows Holographic, is a hybrid reality platform developed by Microsoft, allowing users to interact with virtual landscapes in an environment where real and virtual landscapes coexist, with Windows Mixed Reality The head-wearing device is more usable to perform a variety of hybrid reality applications and games later.
Mr is one of the key technologies that Microsoft has repeatedly highlighted this year, including Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung, which have introduced Mr Headband and supported Microsoft's latest Windows 10 creator updates. In November this year, Microsoft HoloLens and Windows experiences general manager Lorraine Bardeen said hybrid reality MR can have many applications in modern working scenarios, and even "redefine work". What Microsoft wants to do is to get everyone and institutions around the world to do more, and MR has the potential to help consumers and businesses accomplish impossible tasks.

Although the current speed of the introduction of MR related products and applications is not as fast as the other two, at the current pace of development, 2018 may see more relevant product applications.
9. Times display technology appeared: Micro LED Known as the Times of the display technology of micro-light-emitting diodes (Micro LED) for the industry to light the dawn, the relevant chain in the brand manufacturers in the formation of a series of links, according to Ledinside research shows that the current participation in Micro LED manufacturers and institutions close to hundreds, in addition to Sony
And Apple, but also the face book under the Oculus acquisition of Infiniled, Kant new investment Ostendop, and so on, are intent to grab the pie, Micro LED Future potential market size estimates will reach 30 billion to 40 billion U.S. dollars.
Micro LED technology is the LED miniaturization and Matrix technology, refers to a chip in the integrated high-density small size of the LED array, can be seen as a miniature outdoor large led panel, the pixel distance from the millimeter to micron level. What are the advantages of such a technology? First of all, it inherits the high efficiency of the LED, high brightness, high reliability and quick reaction time, and has the characteristics of spontaneous light without backlight, more energy-saving, simple mechanism, small size, thin type and other advantages. In addition, Micro LED also has a feature is high resolution, because of the small, so the performance of the resolution is particularly high. For example, if Apple's IPhone 8 uses the Micro LED panel, the resolution will be easy to see 1500 PPI, much higher than the original Retina display 401 PPI. At present, however, the biggest disadvantage of Micro LED is the cost, to be applied to a large area, but also to face the problem of yield.
The current layout Micro led most of the European and American manufacturers, followed by the Asia-Pacific region manufacturers, in the direction of the two are not the same, the former emphasis on the development of Micro led terminal-related applications, especially consumer electronics; the latter is focused on the development of key 0 components, such as panel manufacturers or Micro
LED generation Factory and so on. Future Micro LED Product specifications will be quite dispersed, the application of the category will be divided, although in the distance before the wide application of the new display technology of the times still have a way to go, but according to the latest news that Apple is working with TSMC to solve the Micro LED technology bottlenecks, Apple plans the fastest in
2018 will allow its own Apple Watch to use the Micro LED panel. Both Apple and Sony have started the Micro LED market in small size watches and large size display panels, but in the future there will be more manufacturers vr/ar in the direction of the layout, because Micro LED display in the application of smart watches needs to face the price competition of traditional display, so vr/ar is a A more imaginative space of the market, so Apple, Oculus, Ostendo, etc. are successively layout Micro LED in the field of vr/ar applications. In addition, another potential market for Micro LEDs is smartphones, Ledinside says that in the history of the smartphone market, advanced flagship machines are often marketed as the latest display technology to showcase good images, and when Micro LED technology is commercialized on smartphones,
The forecast will penetrate the advanced smartphone market more quickly.
10. The key to financial science and technology: "Block chain" technology The Block chain technique (blockchain), which is used by virtual digital currency Bitcoin, in foreign countries has been the financial industry to grab a key core of finance technology, banking has been very keen on the block chain, because the technology and the digital currency is closely related to, not only 42 well-known banks to form a block chain Alliance R3, the United States NASDAQ has long used block-chain technology to create its own new trading platform, Linq. However, the block chain is not limited to the application of the financial sector, can also be applied to government tax, supply chain with supply, intelligent contract, the public fund-raising platform, such as the need for more regulatory and traceability of the field, the IBM Business Value Research Institute and the Economist think tank, in 16 countries, 200 government units to investigate, the results indicate that
90% of government administrations around the world are planning to invest in block chains, which should be put into the relevant fields 2018 years ago. The concept of block chain originated in the Ben Cong bitcoin, as the underlying technology of Bitcoin, in essence, block chain technology is actually a centralized database, through the central and to trust the way to maintain a reliable database of technical solutions. Speaking of the vernacular, block chain technology is a "universal participation in Accounting" mode, in the block chain system, everyone in the system can have the opportunity to participate in bookkeeping, in a certain period of time if there is any data changes, the system will automatically judge the time of the fastest, the best person, the contents of his records written to the ledger, And in this time the ledger content to the system all other people to backup, so that everyone in the system has a complete book can know the past period of all records, this way, it is called "Block chain technology."
And the biggest problem that the block chain solves in this aspect of "transaction" is "intermediary credit problem". Traditionally, it is difficult to reach an agreement between two people who do not know and trust each other, often relying on a third party as a medium, such as "Payment Behavior", which is a clear example of the existence of a bank-like institution in any kind of transfer in the past.
However, through the block chain technology, Bitcoin is the first time human beings to achieve in the absence of any intermediary participation in the case, the completion of mutual trust between the two transfer behavior. In the 2017, the technology of block chain has been implemented from concept to practice, and enterprises and governments have improved the technology acceptance of block chain.
And by the year 2018, the block chain-transfer test will filter out cases that can be applied on a large scale, and jump to commercial deployment from a practical stage, in the foreseeable field, the financial industry will be the first to promote, at present, the world will have 30% of the financial sector in 2018 launched a block-chain business plan. In addition, the future of the block chain will make the Internet more able to play its due function, the internet of things generates millions of small records and collects data from sensors dispersed in different places, so it is not suitable for the use of slow, expensive and proprietary central transaction systems, only real-time systems ( such as block chain technology) to give full play to its value. In addition, in the area of network security, Dimension Deta, a global information and communications technology service provider, said there would be some new security applications for block chains and IoT networks in the 2018, "In fact, there have been a number of large attacks recently made by Low-cost IoT terminals, But the market does not have enough incentives to make equipment manufacturers willing to bear the cost of the security stack, so that the security problems of Internet terminals, the block chain technology just can play an important role in this environment.
” Even if government agencies attach great importance to the premise, block chain technology in the 2018 has unlimited potential, or even enough to subvert and completely change the existing money world, business and society, the world's most sought-after bitcoin is only one of the block chain technology applications, there may be many in the future with the help of block chain to do things. Because the block chain still has the technical entry threshold, therefore, the bank or the financial institution must from understands and accepts the block chain, to find a set of each can recognize the block chain, finally again actually applies to the transaction, this in the middle probably still has a long way. However, it can be expected that in 2018, when the world began to enter the block chain era, those who are still using the traditional database of banks, is bound to face elimination.
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