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Topscom Marketing Leaders Visited Russia old customer Docash,communicated future more coopeaton on pcb assembly and box build full system integration service of their bank system equipment in china


April 09th,2016, Topscom Marketing Management Leaders visited our Russian old customers, Topscom and Docash company have cooperated for nearly eight years, Docash is the leading and largest banking equipment suppliers in  Europe, Topscom provide  pcb assembly and box build full system ingegration (electronic manufacturing services) service for their banking system equipment, In the past cooperation, Docash gave Topscom  a high degree of praise on manufacturing quality and delivery lead time,Docash managerment leaders made happy dinner with Topscom Team to warmly welcome Topscom team visting in the Moscow downtown,meanwhile,Docash wish that we can have more cooperations in the future.

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Company News

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