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Bitcoin Mining miner machine,what's the Bitcoin Mining miner machine?

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Bitcoin Mining miner machine
Bitcoin mining miner machine, is used to earn Bitcoin computer, this type of computer generally has a professional mining chip, the use of the way to burn video card work, the power consumption is large. Users use personal computers to download software and then run a specific algorithm, and remote server communication can be the corresponding Bitcoin, is to get the way of Bitcoin.
2013, the popular digital currency, Bitcoin, Wright coins, zeta coins, Penny coins (extranet), invisible gold bars, red coins, poles coins, barbecue coins, prime coins. There are hundreds of digital currencies worldwide.

Download a dedicated bit currency operation tool, and then register a variety of cooperative web sites, the registered username and password into the calculation program, and then click on the operation of the formal start.
Price and performance
The price of a coin-digging machine ranges from two hundred or three hundred yuan to 200,000 yuan. From 2011 to 2013, the high allocation of bitcoin "mining machine" from 10,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan, but the performance is much better than before. According to industry insiders, the old machine 100 days before digging to 1 Bitcoin, now (2013) of the machine, 100 days can be dug to 3.5.
According to the domestic assembly team announced the mine machine data, a price of 3000 yuan of the lowest configuration of mining machine, in accordance with the speed of the bit coin mining, more than 30 days can be back to this. Mining speed 10g/s machines can dig up to about 0.03 Bitcoin in 24 hours a day, and 13g/s machines can dig about 0.035 bitcoin a day 24 hours per hour, according to the 2013 full network calculation and difficulty.
According to the operation formula of bitcoin output, almost every 4 years, the output will be halved, and finally reach the extreme value of 21 million. And at this time, will greatly appreciate. This currency, which has no central bank control, will continue to appreciate in comparison with the real currency, which is constantly being quantified and relaxed. By 2013, the bitcoin had produced about 11 million.
Hardware expenditure

Mining is actually the performance of competition, equipment competition, by a lot of Zhang Xianka composed of mining machine, even if only HD6770 this medium and low-end graphics cards, "group" after the computing power can surpass most users of the single Zhang Xianka. And this is not the most terrible, some of the mining machine is more such a graphics array composed of dozens of or even hundreds of graphics card, the graphics card itself is also to be money, the price of hardware and other costs, mining a considerable amount of spending.

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