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Meghan Markel America Actor latest news: The woman who keeps on rising, will shine in love eventually.

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Meghan Markel America Actor latest news: The woman who keeps on rising, will shine in love eventually.
October 15,2017 , British media announced a succession of Prince Harry's engagement news, the British royal throne fifth heir Prince Harry also generous announced love! I guess he doesn't have to be Kate and William's light bulb anymore.
The British gold Bachelor Prince Harry's engagement is an unnamed American star Meghan. It is said that two people met in a charity meeting a year ago and then fell in love.
Meghan Markle (Meghan Markel), born in 1981 in the United States California State, the United States actress, still divorced, who is she in the end of the holy, to the "Playboy" image of Prince Harry, tightly grasp?
Meghan's father was a Dutch-born Irishman and a professional illumination artist who won an Emmy Award. The mother is an African-American with a master's degree, a therapist and a yoga instructor.
She grew up in the slums of the United States, and had a big cut from the family and the noble prince. As a child, often because of his identity confused, every time in the school fill out the form, the race column has white, black, Asian candidates, she did not know which to choose.
While in college, Meghan had a strong interest in modeling and acting, and often played small roles in soap operas. But because of her own mixed skin, when she first entered the showbiz is also around the wall.
She used to describe her situation: "In a red dress, I can play a Latino woman, put on a mustard yellow dress, I can become an African-American woman." But sadly, I am not white enough to play the role of white, and not black enough to play black characters, stuck in the middle of the color, so I can not win a better role. ”

2004, Meghan and the United States male star Trevor Engelson love. In the June 2011, a fire-American play "The Golden Lawyer" (suits) to Meghan visibility, she successfully played in the play the lawyer's assistant Rachel Zane.
In September, Megan married her boyfriend for years. Two years later, the two men broke up emotionally and eventually divorced.
The British people have a little opinion on the fact that the old prince is 3 years older than Bihari. For the girl married to the royal family, it is thought that the most important thing is the simple feeling history, divorced her, so that the British people more opposed.
Despite the strong public reaction, the British media play a lot, but Prince Harry is very fond of the girl. Why? Because she not only has the attractive appearance, but also has the rich soul.
Meghan was a wise man from his childhood. In 1992, she saw a detergent advertisement on TV with the phrase: "Women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans."
Meghan, 11, wrote to a human rights lawyer and then first Lady Hillary Clinton, protesting that the advertisements discriminated against women. The letter was answered, and the ad was changed to: "People all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans."
She has been a Couba. Graduated from Northwestern University, majoring in communication, Master of international relations. He was sent to the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires for an internship, and has been to Afghanistan to support U.S. troops and visit their families.
In addition, she is the Canadian World Clean Water Outlook ambassador and the United Nations Women's Congress advocate. Delivered a speech in support of gender equality and went to Africa to participate in clean water projects in Rwanda.
Although the cause of the performing arts is not too red, at least in the play inside show their good taste and good stature. It looks really attractive.
Privately she cooks, usually like online po own cooking pictures, party can also handle freely.
Influenced by her mother's professional yoga instructor, she is also professional in yoga.
Also like small animals, they have raised 2 dogs.
She also loves travel, adventure, and unlimited enthusiasm for life. Paris, Bali, Bordeaux, New York, Madrid and Athens have her footprints, and have shared many travel strategies on the Internet.
It is also very pleasing to the eye, with unique wear and fashion taste. The photos taken are always sunny and hot.
Street Racket style simplicity is not simple, full display of personal style.
Dress to attend the event.
Meghan In addition to love the actor career, is also a designer. She has built her own website, the Tig, not only as a founder or editor-in-chief. Be keen to share food around, share fashion beauty, and share inspiring stories.
Although this website because Meghan is about to become princess and turn off, also pushed off the fashion brand endorsement. But there is no denying the talent of Meghan.
The most important thing is that Meghan is passionate about charity. To be with Prince Harry is to do charity, two people like-minded. She, who is keen on philanthropy, often campaigned for charity.
She once said: "I never want to be a lady who has an elegant lunch, I want to be a woman who pulls up her sleeves and works." Philanthropy nourishes my soul and fills my heart with immense fullness.
This point, Meghan and Prince Harry's mother Diana seems to have the same pursuit. This is also estimated, deeply attracted the same love of charity is Prince Harry, two people have similar spiritual pursuit.
Although the British people are diss her American identity, descent, birth, divorce history, Prince Harry was Meghan Charm conquered, he issued a public statement through the royal family to maintain Meghan.
So what about the old three? What about being divorced? What about civilian girls? As long as you are confident and beautiful, rich and interesting, so you can welcome the royal love.
Even if you do all the things, become thin and beautiful and content, still do not meet the heart of Mr Right, but you can always gain a better yourself.
And love, when it comes, is not too late.

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