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Demand for ODM and pcb assembly of medical products increased sharply in 2021 year.

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During the epidemic period, demand for ODM and pcb assembly of medical products increased sharply in 2021 year.
2020 is not a very prosperous year, and the overall economic downward pressure is relatively great. however, in the electronic manufacturing industry, there are still a number of manufacturers who have gone against the trend to surprise us. among them, our company's Topscom, even grew by more than 30% in the same period in the first three quarters,the ODM and pcb assembly business of medical products is outstanding!


The ODM of medical electronic products and the pcb circuit board assembly business of product solutions have always been the largest source of performance of Topscom. Due to stringent safety requirements, high added value of products, high requirements for hardware stability and reliability of equipment, as well as requirements for the reliability and traceability of software systems, the development of medical product technology accumulated for many years has been the advantage of Topscom.
In the 5G field, 5G core products have new and higher requirements and challenges in some key areas of pcb 
smt assembly manufacturing and testing, such as accurate control of solder paste content, new requirements for large size, high density occlusion, high load, through-hole welding production and on-line 3D X-ray testing, etc. The product itself is not only the requirements of product research and development technology, but also the requirements of electronic manufacturing technology and equipment and talents, which is also a bright spot of the market competition. only when all are done, we can further meet the requirements of customers.
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