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Mechanical Fabrication

China Topscom & Mechanical Forming & Sheet Metal Fabrication & Professional Manufacturing Supplier
      Customers rely on Topscom's mechanical engineering and production capabilities, which provide complete manufacturing of customer products. Our metal forming and sheet metal fabrication services offer great value, low cost and unmatched reliability.
High & Low Volume Sheet Metal Fabrication
      Our metal form and sheet metal fabrication services deliver compliance and quality. From stamping to enclosure production services, Topscom leverages our efficient vertical manufacturing operation and supply chain partnerships to deliver unrivaled value.

      Topscom has been investing in modern automation and mechanical production, metal forming and sheet metal fabrication equipment, which allows us to produce metal components with high compliance to specifications. Our metal form and sheet metal fabrication capabilities include CNC turret punches for low volume runs without hard tooling, as well as metal stamping machinery with hard tooling with capacities up to 600 tons.

       Our metal manufacturing capabilities are designed for flexibility, and can be customized based on order specifications and requirement. We often provide customers with quick-turn production of sheet metal parts and enclosures using our soft tooling and CNC machining processes.

     We offer a variety of metal forming and sheet metal fabrication and finishing processes, including:

•    CNC Turret press punching
•    Die casting
•    Ultrasonic welding
•    Sheet metal stamping
•    Powder coating
•    Forming & Supply Chain Management

      With more than 2 decades in business, Topscom has formed strong relationships with local resources. We work with vetted material suppliers and manufacturers that provide fabrication services which we do not currently offer in-house, such as die-casting, complex CNC forming and aluminum extrusion.

    Our manufacturing partners and supply chain resources uphold our strict quality standards, and allow us to provide complete sheet metal sourcing and metal fabrication for a variety of enclosures and assemblies. Topscom regularly monitors all companies we do business with, ensuring their processes and quality standards meet our strict requirements. With our network of resources and efficient supply chain management we are able to quickly respond to customer needs and maintain low costs. 
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Mechanical Fabrication

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