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How to Choose a China PCB manufacturer and What is the Environment for Aging Test?


With the continuous progress of economic development and the improvement of electronic equipment production process, many electronic enterprises will choose to cooperate with China PCB manufacturer. In addition, the aging test of electronic products in PCB factory is a necessary process, otherwise it is easy to have various problems. The following is an introduction to the related matters of the cooperative PCBA manufacturers and aging test.
1. How to choose the cooperation manufacturer of PCB Assembly
 In the process of selecting the manufacturer of PCBA, the customer should pay a practical visit to its basic situation, especially to confirm the regularity and professional ability of the manufacturer. In view of its formality, we can learn from its corresponding qualification certificate, such as whether to carry out ISO9001 quality management system certification, etc.; we should be more careful in understanding its electronic product processing professional ability. For example, I personally visited the PCB Assembly manufacturer. The main contents of the visit included SMT chip processing workshop, dip workshop, office environment, and the mental outlook of the employees. For example, I would like to see if their machinery and equipment are advanced enough, whether their PCBA production process is in line with the regulations, and whether the working environment of the workshop is clean and tidy, Whether the materials are placed in order, etc. Customers can also fully consider the development track of the manufacturer in recent years according to their understanding. If the development is better and better, they can also judge the overall strength of the manufacturer from a certain level and whether it is suitable for mutual cooperation.
In order to better guarantee the quality of PCBs and electronic components supplied by PCB Assembly OEM manufacturers, we need to look at the well-known enterprises cooperating with them in the process of selecting suitable manufacturers, and know whether the companies cooperating with them are well-known medium and large enterprises, and whether they supply PCBA for well-known brand companies It can also indirectly understand the strength of its production and processing. In addition, it is necessary to visit and investigate whether the manufacturer has established good quality management and comprehensive purchasing strength advantages in electronic component supporting, whether the manufacturer and agent have long-term and stable cooperative relationship, and whether they have good delivery time and supply cost advantages.
China PCB manufacturer
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2. PCBA aging test generally has the following three extreme environments
1) Low temperature:
After the PCB board is placed at - 10 ± 3 ℃ for 1 hour, with rated load, 187v and 253v, all programs are powered on and run, and the program should be correct.
2) High temperature:
Put PCB board at 80 ± 3 ℃ / h, with load, 187v and 253v, power on and run all programs, the program should be correct.
3) High temperature and humidity:
When the PCB board is under the condition of 65 ± 3 ℃ and 90-95% humidity for 48h, the program should be correct with rated load.
The above is how to choose the partner and aging test environment for PCB Assembly OEM. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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