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Business process and preparation of PCB SMT assembly chip processing

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PCB SMT assembly chip processing is a China electronic manufacturing service, how to find customers for this China PCB service, what is its business process, and what preparations should be made before processing? Today, I will talk about the business process and preparation of PCB SMT assembly chip processing.
PCB SMT assembly chip processing business process
1. Understanding the China PCB factory's products
Only when you know all the China PCB factory's products can you tell which companies are suitable for your products and which are not. This will make it clear what kind of customers you are looking for.
2. Customer mining
This part should be a headache for many PCB SMT assembly salesmen. Why do you say that? It's too difficult to find customers. I've been looking for clients before, but it didn't work. The reason is very simple, because I didn't persist for a long time. There are many channels to find customers. Now often used is online mining. For example, in our electronic processing industry, there will be a lot of public customer information on the official website, Alibaba, China Yellow Pages and other websites. We only need to record the China PCB factory's contact information and address, so that we can conduct the first online communication and have a preliminary understanding of the China PCB factory's status. Of course, we can also find all the electronic board manufacturers near our China PCB factory through Baidu map, screen their information and address, and visit them directly after contacting them.
3. Trust building
The most important thing of PCB SMT assembly sales business is to build trust. The truth is that we need to hook up with the purchasing staff on the customer's side. There is also a very important point of view, PCB SMT assembly sales staff must establish a good friendship with customers. We must always uphold the attitude of service to communicate with each other, not for the purpose of trading customers. You have to take the initiative to chat with them in order to build friendship and trust. Just let him know what you do and let him know that he has such a friend who is in PCB SMT assembly chip processing business. So, when their China PCB factory has board outside hair, is not the first thought is as a friend of you. So the order will come to you naturally. Just in response to the words of the director of our China PCB factory, don't be too eager to do business. First, be a friend instead of talking about work. Business orders will come to you and income will come naturally.
4. Invite customer to the factory
When the customer wants to make a deal with us, don't forget one step, that is to ask the customer to visit our PCB assembly factory. This is also subconsciously telling customers that we are reliable and trustworthy. And have the ability to complete your order.
5. Quotation
When customers are willing to give orders to us, PCB SMT assembly processing business process has gone more than half. Later, we only need the customer to provide a sample, and then the China PCB factory makes a China PCB quote. When both sides unify the price, the order will be generated. Companies can start processing products.
6. Shipment
Before shipment, the manufacturer will test all the finished boards. After ensuring 100% pass rate, remind customers to come to pick up the PCB board, or we can deliver it to the door by ourselves. Before shipment, as PCB SMT assembly sales salesman, we must remember to let the customer settle the balance before we can ship all the goods. This is the underlying rule of the industry. Of course, if the customer is our regular customer or loyal customer, we can also make monthly settlement with them. Of course, it's OK to approve the settlement.
Preparation before PCB SMT assembly chip processing
1. china printed circuit board assembly information (Gerber)
The electronic file of standard circuit diagram should include at least 4 layers: PAD file, through hole file, text surface file and anti welding layer file; The best is the China PCB factory to provide the connecting board Gerber; Standard plate edge specification: leave 10 mm plate edge at the top and bottom respectively; Specification of standard positioning hole: one positioning hole on the left and right of the same plate edge, with a diameter of 5mm and a diameter of 4mm from the center of the circle to the plate edge on both sides; Specification of standard visual mark points: 1 mm solid tin spray dot with diagonal asymmetry on opposite side, 3 mm diameter transparent ring on outer ring.
2. Bill of materials (BOM)
The location coordinates of the electronic file (CAD, text file with extension ". TXT"); Mix list of PCB SMT assembly front and back materials and dip materials (please provide part coding principle and distinguishing method of front and back parts); A separate list of PCB SMT assembly front and back materials and dip materials (please provide the distinguishing method of front and back parts); PCB SMT assembly front / PCB SMT assembly back / Dip materials are listed separately.
3. Supplementary information
Temperature measuring plate (including scrap plate of important parts); Empty PCB board, we electronics generally adopts class a PCB board; Printed steel plate.
The above is my detailed introduction of "PCB SMT assembly chip processing business process and preparation". If you have other questions, please continue to pay attention to us!
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