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Surface Mount (SMT) PCB Assembly,low volums,prototypes,mass production


Surface Mount (SMT) PCB Assembly

Topscom is an experienced SMT assembly house. We have been assembling SMT designs for over ten years now, and we take pride in the work we perform. Our employees are highly trained and considered professionals in the field. Here are some details about our services in surface mount assembly. 
We work with both smt prototype and small production runs,also mass production, using both manual and automatic smd assembly processes. We perform single and double sided placement of all component types. With us, you don't have to think about the details of production yourself and can focus on your design.
We can assemble:

and various other small chip packages that have a pitch of 0.2mm (8 mils) or larger. Through hole parts are also no problem. For passive parts, we can work with chip packages as small as 0201.
We Work with Your Design in Mind
The SMT soldering process we use is carefully matched to your design and your constraints. We will review the smt PCB assembly design you submit and make any DFM suggestions we may have, but you are in control. We will happily work with your engineers in order to facilitate the SMT assemblies. We follow the reflow surface mount soldering requirements of the individual SMD components for each assembly job we do. We have a very high yield as we implement precise control of the reflow process.
In order to detect the joint soldering smd quality, we use X-ray inspection. For leadless parts such as QFN, DFN and BGA packages, there is no way to perform a direct visual inspection. By using 3D X-ray inspection, many of the issues with SMT soldering can be detected - this is very important for BGA assemblies.
We're happy to work on your project and offer whatever help we can regardless of which design stage you find yourself at. We'll give you DFM advice from the earliest stages of your design - you only need to ask. Once your project advances, we'll give you quick turnaround times for prototypes and maximum flexibility for your production runs. Our instant pcb assembly quote calculator will help you estimate the rough cost of your project's assembly from the very start.

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Pcb Assembly Technology

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