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latest flexible printing electronics manufacturing technology in 2020


China Topscom Provide Latest Flexible Printing Electronics Manufacturing Technology-- the "Industrial Revolution" of Electronic Manufacturing Technology.
Flexible printing electronic technology is an electronic manufacturing technology based on printing principle. What is "printed electronics"? In short, "printing + electronics" is the use of precision printing technology to make electronic devices or circuits. Replace the ink that expresses the color with the ink with electronic function, and the printed graphics will have the electronic function. In our daily life, the integrated circuit chip IC in all kinds of electronic equipment is realized through a series of processing steps, such as complex lithography, development, etching and so on. Similarly, a kind of functional material is made into a graphic structure on a flat substrate, the traditional processing method of integrated circuit chip goes through eight steps from coating to degumming, while the printing process only needs two steps. The printing method can directly deposit the functional material on the substrate surface graphically, and only the additional sintering process is needed to sintering the ink material into a solid material, which forms the same graphic structure as the traditional process which takes 8 steps to achieve. At the same time, flexible printing electronic technology provides a new direction of technology development and intelligence for practitioners in the integrated circuit and electronic information industry.

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Flexible printing technology is a relatively mature one in the electronic realization process of flexible printing, which is essentially a kind of material-increasing manufacturing technology, just like the 3D printing that we are already familiar with. The common circuit board manufacturing technologies in traditional integrated circuit chip processing or various electronic equipment are material reduction manufacturing technology, that is, the unwanted materials are removed by plasma etching or acid etching to form the graphic structure of functional materials. Integrated circuit chips can only be fabricated on silicon-based semiconductor wafers, and liquid crystal displays in flat panel displays are usually fabricated on glass substrates. Printing can deposit functional materials on the surface of any material. This makes it possible to manufacture electronic devices and circuits on the surface of a large number of low-cost flexible materials such as plastic, paper, cloth and so on.
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Figure: microelectronic flexible printing manufacturing process.
Compared with the traditional chip manufacturing process, flexible printing electronic technology has the following advantages:
Simplify the manufacturing process of electronic products.
Flexible, foldable bending.

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Assemble electronic circuits and components together for reliable connection.
The product is light and thin, flexible, reduces volume and weight, and is suitable for flexible surface.
Volume-to-volume production can be realized with various shape requirements, and the cost can be greatly reduced.
Green production (increasing material manufacturing), which is beneficial to environmental protection.
Flexible printed electronics have a wide application prospect in information, energy, medical, national defense and other fields because of their unique flexibility / ductility, high efficiency and low cost manufacturing process, such as flexible electronic display, organic light emitting diode (OLED), printed RFID, thin film solar panels, electronic surface pasting and so on. Flexible printing electronic technology is likely to bring a revolution in electronic technology, which has attracted wide attention all over the world and has been developed rapidly.
The combination of flexible printing technology and semiconductors seems to be a brand-new attempt. In fact, around us, there have been more and more achievements heralding the coming of the flexible printing chip era!

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