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Turnkey Pcba Assembly & Contract Electronic OEM Manufacturing Provider

Computing & Storage

Computing & Storage

       Topscom has over 20 years experience to provides computing and storage OEMs complete contract manufacturing service and supply chain solutions. We have more customer require EMS for rack-scale storage and storage server products.Topscom brings expertise in storage server and system contract manufacturing for a wide variety of applications, from ultra high bandwidth storage solutions for high speed computing applications, to cold storage.

       Recent contract manufacturing solutions include:

•       Contract manufacturing of cost Effective Photo sharing Cloud Storage
•       High Volume Storage Server Manufacturing
•       Rack Scale Cloud Servers
•       I/O Intensive Parallel Processor & Storage
•       Advanced, High Speed Graphics Processor
•       High Performance Computer/Storage Interface manufacturing
         Integrated Manufacturing Services provide access to engineering  and manufacturing capability for all components and sub-assemblies for computing products including backplanes, power and cooling sub-assemblies, PCBs, PCBAs, servers, processors, racks and interconnect.
        Volume Production Experienced Products As Below:

•       Workstations
•       Super tape drive mechanisms
•       Storage
•       Servers - low end, mid range, high end
•       Notebook computers
•       Network attached storage
•       Mainframe computers
•       Low-end notebook computers
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Computing & Storage

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