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PCB SMT Assembly

Learn the Requirements of the PCB SMT Assembly


The PCB SMT assembly keeps up the different techniques for the soldering purpose. We make use of the different techniques to assemble the SMT equipment and others. We are skilled and highly experienced one in the industry today. We make the special focus on the electronic manufacturing services. We are the great one for the pcb smt assembly. We strictly follow the quality requirements that include the IPC standards. We have years of experience in the Assembly technology for various components.


We offer the complete range of the services to the customer. Our main service is printed circuit assembly board assembly with the different range of the electronic product. We create the latest PCB and surface mount that support various electronic components.


Why you Choose us:


There are various reasons why the people choose our company for the pcb smt assembly services. We are ready to do the variety of assembly services at the best price. We work with the smt and pcb production as well. With the help of the manual as well as the automatic assembly process, we do the assembly process correctly without any hassle. We assemble the things like BGA, QFN, SOIC, PLCC and lot more. We first review the parts and check the specification to make sure the SMD components are packed properly.


Our professionals store and handle the circuit board as per the MSL standard. We completely recognize the sensitive components in order to avoid the thermal and mechanical problems that occur during the SMT process. We use the latest standard and then start the process of smt assembly and others. After that, we evaluate the layout like board thickness, pad size, surface finishing and lot more. We use the solder paste to set up the solder joints on the circuit board. We test everything sending it to the customer that meets the project needs.

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