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Turnkey Pcba Assembly & Contract Electronic OEM Manufacturing Provider

Fast Pcb board assembly rapid prototyping

China Topscom Group provide 1 hour quote, 24 hours quick turn-around fast reliable samples, small-batch, pcb boards and assembly,turnkey box build electronic contract manufacturing ,rapid prototyping production.

China Topscom rapid prototyping helps electronics and mechanical engineers and designers to complete fast and frequent adjustment to their designs. save time at the quoting stage,fast product design verification and production with Topscom Group Team professional services.

Topscom rapid prototyping  and ultra-fast delivery detailed service include below:

Fastest Industrial turnkey pcbs,assembly,box build OEMs ODMs expert, military quality.

Pcb boards:                                            fastest lead time: 2 days

Pcb assembly:                                        fastest lead time: 1 day

Electronic components stock sell:       fastest lead time: 1 day                     

(5 Millions electronic components in stock,can ship immediately)

Mechanical parts and CNC,3D printing manufacturing:  fastest lead time: 3 days

Enclosure build:                                    fastest lead time: 3 days

Turnkey Box build:                               fastest lead time: 5 days

Fast 1 hours quote,global delivery by DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT etc. 3-5 days arrival

Email us: sales@topscompcbassembly.com  fw800501@gmail.com  MP and whats up: +86 13502814037  

Really rapid prototyping, relying on strong strength to speak for itself, you will know it once you try it.

Find fastest OEMs as simple as online shopping, make life worry-free.

$1 PCB & Free Shipping · ‎Low from $5 for 10 pieces · 10*10cm PCB assembly services with  Low $88 total for 1-10 pieces,No set-up fee & free stencils. 

Low ‎$ 200 for simple prototype, CNC Machining, Parts Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Mock-up Making, Vacuum Casting, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Plastics Injection Molding, Milling & Turning.

Why are our customers so confident in choosing us?

The ultra-fast response speed is unmatched.

Quote within 1 hour,  

fast turn-around production,  

100% inspection, deliver on-time, 

DFM report support, NDA signed, 

ISO 9001:2013 certified 

Various Materials In stock, all self-operated,self-owned production bases.

Different materials are in stock and can be supplied quickly. All production is in its own factory production base, which can respond quickly and coordinate all links by itself.

Fast Production,Short Delivery Time.

Our experienced manufacturing,engineering team and flexible production methods allow us to complete production in a shorter time, even within 1 day for some simple parts,electronic components and many PCBAs,really unbelievable and impressive.

Rich Experience,Reliable team and management system.

Quality standards: Military quality standards, strict requirements, trustworthy.

Fastest delivery: 24 hours delivery,by DHL,Fedex,TNT,UPS etc,ship to worldwide.

Flexible delivery: rapid prototyping, mass manufacturing.

Quality slogan: Strengthen quality, customers are life.

First-class talents: 70% employees with more than 20 years.

First-class equipment: The latest equipment is updated every three years to ensure that the company's asset depreciation rate is minimized and the precision is the most advanced.

First-class systems: The most advanced SAP ERP, CRM, MES and other systems and various industry product ISO systems.

High Quality,Perfect system management.

Using advanced techniques,equipment,management systems,talents,consigned brand parts,, we can make rapid prototyping with tight tolerances. We have passed ISO 9001:2013, and ISO 13485, ISO 16949 certifications to ensure product high quality.

Provide absolute payment guarantee and guarantee absolute quality assurance.

The quality is absolutely guaranteed. If there is any quality problem, we can support 100% return and refund. Full support, including paypal, credit card, and various payment systems, to ensure that once our customers are dissatisfied, refunds can be made in a timely manner to protect your absolute rights.

Contact Topscom Group Now:Email:sales@topscompcbassembly.com  Mobile: +86-13502814037 (what's up)   Ms.Angelina Joo

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