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Cable &Wiring Harness Assembly

China Topscom & Cable & Wiring Harness Assembly & Professional Manufacturing Supplier

       Topscom origins lay in custom cable and wire loom assembly. We have significant skills and expertise to bring to customers products. For OEMs requiring simple cable assemblies through to complex wiring harnesses, you can be confident thaTopscom will provide a high-quality service.

 we can manufacture a broad range of cable assemblies, from prototype to volume production. We also co-ordinate the entire supply chain and provide certifiable traceability.
       Topscom has a breadth of experience gained producing simple point-to-point cables and straightforward looms, to multi-component assemblies and complex looms. We can process cable from 36AWG to 6AWG for use in demanding environments, including medical, surgical or high-end audio.

        We have highly trained engineering and assembly teams to assist with design and carry out the assembly and support for all your cable and loom requirements.

       Our dedicated build cells feature Schleuniger and Seno automatic cable cut and strip machines and are designed for low volume complex harnesses through to medium volume cable assemblies. We can accommodate various cable types, including coaxial - and have several automatic crimp machines for a host of manufacturers, such as JST, Harting and Amp. Cable assemblies are continuity tested, usually with Banair or Cirris automated equipment, before shipment or use in higher level assemblies.
       Whether your requirement is for a single single-ended wire or a full harness complete with connectors, switches and fuses, you can be confident that we will provide a high-quality service, right first time.


 Topscom Cables division are an one-stop solution provider for customized wires, wiring harness,cables, cable assembly. include: UL Wire and Cables,Single Conductor Wire,Multi Conductor Cable,Flat Ribbon Cable,SNE, SSNE IV, (BHBNC, TOY, WCX1.6-5.6 and 1.0-2.3, coaxial series, waterproof connectors, wire-to-board connectors, solar photoelectric connectors, radio frequency connectors, industrial computers and peripheral equipment terminal blocks and wiring harness cable assemblies, after decades of rapid development, it currently has two connector factories.We are now serving a wide range of market segments includes: new energy application, industrial application, home appliance and equipment, automobile application, robotic application, etc,our harness cable assembly quality are accuracy, stability and reliability of its products rank among the best in china, and it has become a qualified supplier for enterprises in aviation,military, aerospace, radar and shipbuilding, electronic communications, instrumentation, petroleum industrial control and other industries. 







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