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Turnkey Pcba Assembly & Contract Electronic OEM Manufacturing Provider

Medical Devices Pcb Assembly Electronics Contract Manufacturing Service

China Topscom & Medical System Devices Equipments pcb assembly & electronics contract manufacturing service ODM supplier, with ISO certified 13485 Certification.


 China Topscom is an ISO 9001 & 13485 certified and FDA registered medical device contract manufacturing company. We have been a contract manufacturer of medical device for more than 10 years. We are committed to maintain full compliance in accordance with regulatory requirements.
        For most of the cases, the medical device contract manufacturing is high-mix low-volume in nature. It requires adequate and skillful resource to carefully manage it. We have built a solid infrastructure and competent team to support the complexity and dynamic nature of the medical device contract manufacturing services.
       With our continued commitment in high mix manufacturing, we have been well recognized as the vendor of choice by our customers. Quality, Speed, Responsiveness and Consistency are our specialty. We are a reliable partner you can always count on.

Comprehensive Infrared Temperature Measurement Solution Provider:

China Topscom is also a leading provider of intelligent inspection robots, intelligent infrared thermal imaging products and solutions, and is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in artificial intelligence, mechanical and electrical control, machine vision, deep learning, infrared temperature measurement technology research and development and comprehensive application. 
China Topscom is committed to the research and development of intelligent infrared thermal imaging products, and launches infrared thermal imaging products and industry solutions with high definition, accurate temperature measurement and AI intelligence. Now it has formed a series of products such as double visual infrared series, movement module series, consumer product series, UAV load series and so on, which are widely used in equipment maintenance, electric power, petrochemical, construction, industrial production lines and other fields. Promote the intelligence, data and visualization of infrared monitoring.

Best in Class Services:

         We offer best in class Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Services to leading and also start-up medical OEM companies. We provide complete manufacturing services from PCB board assembly, box-build, testing & fulfillment services. For material sourcing and management services, we provide turnkey, consignment, and hybrid material solutions per customer requirements. We have earned great reputation through our high quality, on time delivery and responsive services.

Well planned & attention to details:
        Your project will be in good hand with us. Our proactive planning and attention to details, along with comprehensive engineering support and superior manufacturing technology help medical equipment customers quickly build quality prototype and NPI (New Product Introduction) on schedule. Significantly speed up the "Time-to-Market" for our customers.

Do it right the first time:
     We offer pre-DFM to help customer's design engineers to correct any design issue before finalize their design for prototype build, our attention to details and our value-added engineering and manufacturing expertise help customers to do it right at the first time. We also provide post-DFM to further minimize any manufacturability issue for future volume production builds.

Leverage our buying power:
      Our component engineer helps customer find alternative parts to solve lead time problem and also helps material cost down. Our procurement team can further help sourcing materials form suppliers for cost reduction.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES):
    China Topscom produces superior medical devices and equipments by implementing an integrated Manufacturing Execution System (MES). This MES software system along with the real time barcode data collection devices strengthens our quality control, and manages documentation for traceability and regulatory compliance. We can tailor the traceability system based on customer requirements.

Maintaining Medical Device History Records:
      China Topscom maintains medical device history records (DHR) in accordance with the requirements of the FDA regulations. Topscom Quality System ensures that DHR's are maintained in accordance with the Device Master Record (DMR).
      China Topscom provides responsive local quick-turn prototyping, NPI services and low-to-medium production and mass productions, helps you achieve faster "Time-to-Market".

A broad Range Of Medical System Products Experience:
     China Topscom produces a broad range of laboratory and point of use blood diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, blood separation and handling equipment. We build and manufacture ultrasound systems, CT, MR, nuclear medicine systems, X-Ray systems, patient monitors and medical devices. For over 20 years, Topscom has been producing high volume consumer medical and disposable medical devices.

   Volume Production Experienced products as below:

     Family health medical
     Ultrosound imaging systerms
     X-Ray Systems
     Urological Therapy Systems Repair
     Semi conductor test equipment with mixed signal
     Relief Band for Motion Sickness and Pregnancy
     Patient Monitoring Systems
     Infusion Pumps
     Infrared Forehead Thermometer Gun    
     Intelligent inspection robots
     Infrard thermal imager and camera

     intelligent infrared thermal image imaging temperature screening system solution     

     infrared temperature measurement scanner

     Industrial controls
     Immunoassay diagnostic equipment
     Hematology equipment
     Enteral pumps
     Blood Glucose Meter
    Breast Biopsy Systems Repair
    Automated meter reading devices

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Medical Devices Pcb Assembly Electronics Contract Manufacturing Service

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