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China Topscom Group,leading electronics pcb circuit boards design & layout,SI,PI,EMC analysis companies,supplier.

Since 2000, Topscom has been engaged in PCB design and manufactruing. we specialize in high-speed PCB design and SI/PI/EMC analysis. With our expertise in PCB design, we provide professional pcb boards design services to more than 8000 customers around the world. We are China's leading PCB design professional company, with more than 300 professional engineers. We are constantly striving to improve our technical capabilities and are currently working on the design and simulation of DDR4 and 25Gbps + backplane signals. In the past 20 years, our professional team has provided high-quality PCB design and manufacturing services to more than 8000 customers, such as Intel, Cisco, Huawei, Freescale, TI, Lenovo and so on.


  • More than 300 full-time professional engineers.

  • There are more than 10000 PCB design projects every year.

  • It has been recognized by more than 8000 customers.

  • More than 300 PCB design engineers.

  • Chip companies cooperate in the early stage and accumulate forward-looking technology.

  • Silicon Valley cutting-edge technology synchronization.

  • "New" technology may be "mature" technology in Topscom.

  • Perfect training system and strong communication atmosphere.

  • Topscom is recognized as the base of PCB design talents in the industry.

  • Standing on the shoulders of giants, we are all experts.

One stop PCB Layout services:


1. PCB Design Total Solution: PCB footprint creation, Netlist import, Placement, Routing, QA & Review,DFM checking, Gerber out
2. On-site Service: work together with your engineers in your office
3. Consulting and Training: provide consulting and training services of PCB design
Physical Parameters:Involved Chipset Scheme
Highest layers::42 Layers
Maximum PIN count:69000+
Maximum connections:55000+
Minimum line width:2.4mil
Minimum line spacing:2.4mil
Minimum via:6mil(4mil laser hole)
Maximum BGA in a single PCB:62
Maximum BGA PIN spacing:0.4mm
Maximum BGA PIN count:2597
Highest speed signal:10G CML   Network processor series:IXP2400 IXP2804 IXP2850…
Intel Sandy Bridge series:Intel Core i7 Extreme Core i5…
Intel XEON server series:Xeon® E7 Family® 5000 Sequence…
Marvell series:MX630 FX930 FX950…
Broadcom Sonet/SDH series:BCM8228 BCM8105 BCM8129…
Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet switch series:BCM5696 BCM56601 BCM56800…
QUALCOMM/Spreadtrum/MTK platform:QSC60xx SC88xx SC68xx Mt622x…
Freescale PowerPC series:MPC8541 MPC8548 MPC8555 MPC8641…
FPGA DSP series of chips:Virtex-7 Spartan-6 TMS320C5X…
Backplane, High-Speed PCB design, A/D PCB design, HDI/ALIVH/Buried resister/Buried capacitance, Flex PCB/Rigid-Flex Board, ATE
High Speed and High density PCB Design for IT Communication, Computer, Medical, Digital and consumer


SI/PI Simulation:

Topscom SI simulation team has 20+ years of experience in DDR4/DDR3/ DDR2 parallel bus and high speed serial bus simulation such as PCIE、SATA、SAS、SFP+ and 10G-KR. We provide suggestions to design the proper topology, select the best termination and driver, and optimize the whole channel to get the lowest loss and best eye open. We also have DDR4 and 56G-PAM4 signal design and simulation capabilities.
1.SI Simulation

SI Simulation:
Parameters sweeping
Topological definition
Static timing analysis
Transmission path optimization
Constraint driven design:

Electrical Rules
Physics, spacing Rules
Topological Rules
Impedance rule and length match
Post Simulation:

Reflection and crosstalk analysis report
Comprehensive timing analysis
Multi-board co-simulation
Test and Verify:
SI testing
S-Parameter measurement
Testing report analysis
2.PI Simulation

IR-Drop Analysis
Make sure the PCB traces and planes can handle power supply requirements
IR-drop,current density and via current analysis
Electric and heat hybrid analysis
PI analysis
PDN Design of high-speed and high-power systems
Bypass capacitor selection based on time domain and frequency domain performances
Frequency Domain Target Impedance analysis

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