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Turnkey Pcba Assembly & Contract Electronic OEM Manufacturing Provider

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Topscom Industry Corporation Of China & Pcbs And Assembly & Turnkey Electronics Contract Manufacturing Services & OEM ODM Supplier

  • Military Quality Standard,Support 4 Hours Fast Quote. 

  • Offers 24 hours Quick Turn Fast Reliable Small-Batch PCB And PCBA Assembly prototype Production.

  • Support 24 hours Fast Various Electronics Components Stock Sourcing And Shipment Immediately.

  • Support 3 days Fast Various Mechanical parts,Racks,Frames,Enclosure Building,Box Build OEMs Manufacturing.

Best industrial, high level, high difficult, large size, complex structure, high precision turnkey pcbs, box build OEM ODM expert,military quality.

Find best OEM ODMs as simple as online shopping, Email us: sales@topscompcbassembly.com Whats up: +86 13502814037 

The manufacturing partner you can count on,Topscom Technology,based on Shenzhen City,Guangdong(Canton) Province,China. specializes in providing complete engineering, supply chain, testing, and manufacturing services to global based customers. Our electronic contract manufacturing services include pcb fabrication, pcb assembly, electro-mechancial assembly,mechanical tooling manufacturing,plastic injection molding, metal stamping,die-casting,final box build and system integration,function testing, burn in ,and other custom fabrication.

       Here is a list of our core competencies as an electronics manufacturing services company:

With production floor area over 50,000 square meters, our factory and machinery layout is specialized to fit from high mix low volume batches, to high volume mass productions. We cover all basics for electronic product manufacturing, from SMT, through hole assembly, final assembly, till finish product with full packaging.
Topscom Group has now established itself as a company that is dedicated to exceeding customer expectation through quality and flexibility, supporting customers in their goal to optimize responsiveness to a dynamic market. We specialize in providing professional contract manufacturing service for global EMS industry.

Company Basic Information:


 - Established in year 1995.

 - Factory Location:Guangming New Disctrict, Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China.
 - Initial Capital of $9,000,000
 - Accredited ISO9001 ISO13485 ISO 16949 ISO14000
 - Production area of over 50000m2

 - Over 3000 employees
 - Sales Revenues:120 Million USD with 2022 year
 - Electronic contract manufacturing and PCB assembly, ODM,serviced for manufacturing a wide range of products including:               Automotive, industrial, medical, consumer, telecom, and Aerospace Devices etc.
 - Products are 100% exported from China, primarily to Europe and North America.
 - Transitioned to RoHS production in 2005 and all manufacturing processes have been in compliance with the 2011/65/EU RoHS Directive since 2006.

Learn more about our customer focused solutions, products and services by contacting Topscom today.

Contact Topscom Group Now:Email:sales@topscompcbassembly.com  Mobile: +86-13502814037 (what's up)   Ms.Angelina Joo

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