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NPI Engnieering

 NPI Engineering

       To ensure a smooth product launch, we deliver not only our customers’ products on time but also provide them with post-NPI build services, plus feedback on what can be done to improve product quality and manufacturability. We also provide guidance on component selection, printed circuit board (PCB) layout, chassis design, cable design and test planning, and innovative technical solutions for micro-packaging and complex functional test. In addition, we assign a cross-functional project team with expertise in engineering, test and supply chain, providing customers with the resources necessary to get a product to market on time and on budget.

       Topscom can do this by offering a complete end-to-end supply chain solution managed by teams that provide:

•     Design support for customer product development
•     Prototyping
•     Test system development
•     Printed circuit board (PCB) and backplane fabrication
•     Enclosures, plastics, machining and cable assembly
•     System assembly and test
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NPI Engnieering

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