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Functional Test Solution

      Topscom has a focused staff of Test Development engineers dedicated to Functional Test development. With the ownership of Functional Test in-house, tester transition and support are efficiently managed.

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        As a full test service provider, the Functional Test Developers at Topscom can improve an existing test system or design new test solutions to meet a specified test strategy.
        Key services include the use of Topscom standard testers. Standard testers include testers based on VXI, PXI (Target Tester) and GPIB instrumentation schemes. The best fit tester is applied with regard to a number of test strategy factors. The choice of a Topscom standard tester allows for expeditious development over a wholly custom solution. Additionally, Topscom owns and maintains the tester rather than contacting the Customer or a third party test vendor for calibration, maintenance, and trouble shooting. Topscom also excels in custom test development. Though not necessary, a standard tester is often the starting point of a custom tester where product specific instrumentation is added to the tester.
       A strength of the test development group is development of semi automated test fixtures. Wireless techniques used in in-circuit fixtures are mimicked in the functional test fixtures. Stimulus and response buffering circuits are placed close to test point access reducing signal noise propagation. Minimal reliance on a test operator is a goal of test developments.
On-site installation by test development engineers and technicians minimizes struggles of tester transition to the production environment.
       Through training and experience, test development engineers apply expertise using tools such as Visual Basic, C/C++, Visual C++, or National Instruments TestStand, LabWindows/CVI, and LabView.
       Test developments are completed using Topscom ISO9001 compliant process. Test developers start with a provided test specification or study the product and generate a specification. Topscom experienced engineering staff and refined development tools make us the ideal partner for your test development needs.
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