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Turnkey Pcba Assembly & Contract Electronic OEM Manufacturing Provider

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Topscom Industry Corporation Of China,Trusted Pcb Boards And Pcb Assembly,Turnkey Electronic Contract Manufacturing OEM ODM Supplier.

Best industrial, high level, high difficult, large size, complex structure, high precision turnkey pcbs,and assembly, box build OEM ODM expert,military quality.

One-stop turnkey industrial  smart manufacturing OEM ODM factory, PCB, electronics components,SMT assembly,mechanical parts build,box build are all self-operated. we have three self-owned production bases [Huizhou, Zhuhai, and Shenzhen city of China], with independently controllable quality, more than 3,000 factory employees, and guaranteed delivery; we support electronics components purchasing,support large and small batches, prototypes, and double-sided patch plug-in welding, and provide three Anti-paint, PCBA assembly with consigned materials, mechanical parts and enclosures manufacturing,mold manufacturing,box build,OEM ODM etc services,fast delivery, and other personalized customized services support global delivery.

Find best pcbs,assembly,box build OEM ODMs service, Email us: sales@topscompcbassembly.com  Whats up: +86 13502814037 

China Topscom Industry Group helps manufacturers of low to medium volume and high volume, high complexity Electronics products focus on the core activities that deliver value to them. we provide complete outsourced contract electronics manufacturing OEM ODM and PCBA China manufacturing solutions, provides customers with complete engineering, testing services, and manufacturing resources that are vertically integrated with components to optimize their operations by lowering their costs and reducing their time to markets.


A trusted outsource PCBA assembly,box build china partner to OEM ODMs

When it comes to electronics manufacturing outsourcing, the confidence an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has in their PCB assembly partner is critical. By outsourcing the procurement, assembly and test to the Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM), an OEM relinquishes some control over their day-to-day manufacturing operations. As a result, they need to be fully confident that when it comes to making production changes for example, final configurations or unexpected changes in customer demands - they trust their provider to respond with the same precision and dexterity as they would.

As one of the experienced electronic board manufacturers in China, Topscom is able to demonstrate knowledge, capabilities, skills, processes, controls and agility in managing our customers' business to a level such that they feel wholly comfortable in relinquishing this control to us.

PCBA China

Why China Topscom Industry Group for your contract electronics manufacturing OEM ODMs outsourcing?

Ranked as one of the largest china EMS providers with a wholly owned full-equipped manufacturing facility in Shenzhen for over 20 years, we have been supporting our clients in growing their businesses. During this time, we have watched our customers develop innovative new products, dominate market sectors, and significantly improve the financial strength of their organisation.

Topscom Group offer a complete, complementary range of PCBA China services and solutions, underpinned by our demonstrable track record in supply chain management. Ensuring the integrity and availability of the material we source is something we take very seriously which is why we have over 50 staff across the group dedicated to this critical process.

We have experience across a wide range of market sectors with the majority of our customers designing and selling industrial Electronics products which are supplied into the industrial Automation, Process Control, Test and Measurement and Laboratory Technology sectors.

When looking to partner with a new client we always make sure that there is enough complexity in the product or supporting supply chain for us to be able to add real value to their organisation through an outsourcing initiative.

Clearly each customer has unique needs which is why we seek to understand exactly why they are considering outsourcing. This understanding allows us to determine how best to use our breadth of manufacturing capability in order to meet their requirements and provide maximum value.

PCBA China

What our customers say?

It was an amazing experience to work with Topscom people. They are very professional and caring and keep up smooth communication over our outsourced parts production. We will continue to partner with their service for future projects. 

 Mr.Bryan Engineer,    Philips 

We have lots of projects for small quantity parts. Topscom has always treated our requests fairly. What is more, they provided us with valuable technical feedback. We really appreciate their genuine desire to help.

Mr.Jennifer   Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University

Topscom demonstrates professionalism. They enabled our purchasing process at ease. We don't have to juggle around managing various suppliers. You save the day. Great job!

Mr.Colleen Lee Purchasing Specialist, Huawei China

We would like to express our thanks for your down-to-earth support on our rush orders. Our requirements were rigid and the delivery deadlines were tight. Yet, all orders have been delivered perfectly. This is a team that can take challenging jobs.

Mr.Stephane Project Manager,  Samsung

Why are our customers so confident in choosing us?

The ultra-fast response speed is unmatched.

Quote within 1 hour,  

fast turn-around production,  

100% inspection, deliver on-time, 

DFM report support, NDA signed, 

ISO 9001:2013 certified 

Various Materials In stock, all self-operated,self-owned production bases.

Different materials are in stock and can be supplied quickly. All production is in its own factory production base, 

which can respond quickly and coordinate all links by itself.

Fast Production,Short Delivery Time.

Our experienced manufacturing,engineering team and flexible production methods allow us to complete 

production in a shorter time, even within 1 day for some simple parts,electronic components and many 

PCBAs,really unbelievable and impressive.

Rich Experience,Reliable team and management system.

Quality standards: Military quality standards, strict requirements, trustworthy.

Fastest delivery: 24 hours delivery,by DHL,Fedex,TNT,UPS etc,ship to worldwide.

Flexible delivery: rapid prototyping, mass manufacturing.

Quality slogan: Strengthen quality, customers are life.

First-class talents: 70% employees with more than 20 years.

First-class equipment: The latest equipment is updated every three years to ensure that the company's asset depreciation rate is minimized

 and the precision is the most advanced.

First-class systems: The most advanced SAP ERP, CRM, MES and other systems and various industry product ISO systems.

High Quality,Perfect system management.

Using advanced techniques,equipment,management systems,talents,consigned brand parts,, 

we can make rapid prototyping with tight tolerances. 

We have passed ISO 9001:2013, and ISO 13485, ISO 16949 certifications to ensure product high quality.

Provide absolute payment guarantee and guarantee absolute quality assurance.

The quality is absolutely guaranteed. If there is any quality problem, we can support 100% return and refund. 

Full support, including paypal, credit card, and various payment systems, to ensure that once our customers are dissatisfied, 

refunds can be made in a timely manner to protect your absolute rights.

Choose Topscom Industry Group and get a Cooperation

Whether you're considering outsourcing for the first time or already working with an EMS provider, contact us which can be a good challenge to obtain a better OEMs manufacturing partner and to be more confident on transforming your products to market quickly.

Core business:

  • PCB assembly And Box Build , Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services.

  • High Difficulty Density & PCB Board Design Layout & Rapid Prototype & Mass production, Over 70 Layer.

  • Various Electronics Components Stcok Selling,Different Racks Frames Enclosures Mechanical Parts and Mold Manufacturing,Cable And Harless Assembly.

  • Turnkey Electronics Design,Products Solutions Development OEM ODM Services. 


PCBA China

Company Basic Information:


 - Established in year 1995.

 - Factory Location:Guangming New Disctrict, Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China.
 - Initial Capital of $9,000,000
 - Accredited ISO9001 ISO13485 ISO 16949 ISO14000
 - Production area of over 50000m2

 - Over 3000 employees
 - Sales Revenues:120 Million USD with 2022 year
 - Electronic contract manufacturing and PCB assembly, ODM,serviced for manufacturing a wide range of products including:               Automotive, industrial, medical, consumer, telecom, and Aerospace Devices etc.
 - Products are 100% exported from China, primarily to Europe and North America.
 - Transitioned to RoHS production in 2005 and all manufacturing processes have been in compliance with the 2011/65/EU RoHS Directive since 2006.

Learn more about our customer focused solutions, products and services by contacting Topscom today.

Contact Topscom Group Now:Email:sales@topscompcbassembly.com  Mobile: +86-13502814037  Ms.Angelina Joo

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