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Production design


      The expert Topscom staff can advise on all aspects on your product manufacturing, including design for assembly (DFA) and design for manufacturing (DFM) considerations, to produce products with the greatest value and performance.
       Complete DFA, DFM & Contract Manufacturing

       Our integrated vertical manufacturing services allow Topscom engineers to review and advise on the complete design and production of components. We are recognized around the world for reliable engineering and manufacturing services.
        For more than 3 decades Topscom has delivered quality and value in engineering and contract manufacturing. Customers rely on our expert engineers for advice on production, assembly, performance and material considerations, and we often act as a one-stop source for complete manufacturing services.

       We offer specialized expertise in vertical electronic manufacturing, though we serve customers in a wide variety of industries and applications. Our engineering team will review your design and develop effective production processes that optimize materials and costs. We often design and build production jigs, develop tooling and create test fixtures in-house to ensure maximum efficiency and compliance.

        Topscom offers a wide variety of testing and inspection processes to increase compliance and document quality. Our products are recognized globally for value and reliability, and our engineers can advise on design considerations that will reduce deviation from specifications and improve performance.

DFM(Design For Manufacturing)

       Design for Manufacture (DFM), sometimes called Design for Manufacturability, is the element of the design effort that focusses on producibility to enable the product to be assembled in the most cost effective manner, in a shorter time frame, with superior quality.Topscom manufacturing has considerable experience in working with customers at this critical stage to help to ensure that their designs are optimised for the manufacturing processes that will be used downstream and that all factors such as component specifications, dimensional tolerances and the required secondary processes are all taken into account.

      Design for Manufacture has the potential to generate significant improvements, such as:

•      Enhanced manufacturing productivity
•      Improved product quality and reliability
•      Reduced/simplified maintenance
•      Reduced cost
•      Decreased time to market
•      Increased customer satisfaction
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