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Plastic Molding Service

China Topscom & Plastic injection Molding & Professional Manufacturing Supplier

      Topscom’s plastic molding capabilities allow for the manufacturing of complex forms, components and enclosures. Our engineers are always available to advise on design and performance considerations to ensure quality, compliance and manufacturability.
      One of China’s leading plastic molding companies, customers around the world trust Topscom for our contract manufacturing and plastic injection molding services. Our entire operation is designed to deliver strict compliance and unmatched quality, with on-going training on the latest technologies and equipment for efficiency, accuracy and value.

      Customers often rely on Topscom’s expert engineering services, which provide design assistance as well as quality oversight. From molding structure, plastic material selection to detailed processes, the Topscom team works to ensure our plastic molded parts provide reliable performance in the final application.

        Proper part design and plastic molding processes are important to avoid deformed conditions such as sink marks, warping, shrinking, flashing (excess material) and knit lines. Orders for plastic injection molding often receive the following engineering services and reviews:

•    Advise on the degree of draft to facilitate the ejection/removal process.
•    Provide recommendations on wall thickness, ribs and bosses to ensure part strength and cosmetic appearance.
•    Design of over-molds, insert molding, hinges and snaps for function and structure.
•    Select plastic materials based on part volume and tolerance requirements.
•    Design gates and runners to ensure consistent flow, correct pressure and sufficient material to minimize deformation, flashing, sink marks and knit lines.
•    Review of our wide range of surface finishing options.
•    Review all design, material and application considerations to ensure low costs and the best value.
•    In-house 3D printing services for design validation and evaluation.

       Topscom offers a wide array of plastic molding and finishing services, allowing us to act as a one-stop resource for low-cost plastic molding in China. We offer silk screening, pad-printing, painting and powder coating, and can provide testing and quality compliance checks on all components, including inspection with spectrophotometers
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Plastic Molding Service

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