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Medical Systems & Instrumentation

China Topscom,Medical Systems Devices & Instruments Equipments,Prototype Mass Production,Pcba boards smt assembly and turnkey electronic contract manufacturing OEM EMS company,supplier,manufacturer,full system integration box build in china Topscom.

     Topscom diversified vertical contract manufacturing capabilities serve customers around the world for medical and instrument devices, including some leading edge and highly technological organizations. Our corporate culture is committed to excellence, with quality processes integrated in all operations, and compliance with ISO 9001, 14001 and 13485 systems.
We build and service complete medical systems and instrument, equipment and products.
      Topscom produces a broad range of laboratory and point of use blood diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, blood separation and handling equipment. We build and manufacture ultrasound systems, CT, MR, nuclear medicine systems, X-Ray systems, patient monitors and medical devices. For over 20 years, Topscom has been producing high volume consumer medical and disposable medical devices.
Volume Production Experienced products as below:

•   Family health medical
•  Ultrosound imaging systerms
•  X-Ray Systems
•  Urological Therapy Systems Repair
•  Semi conductor test equipment with mixed signal
•  Relief Band for Motion Sickness and Pregnancy
•  Patient Monitoring Systems
•  Infusion Pumps
•  Infrared Thermometer
•  Industrial controls
•  Immunoassay diagnostic equipment
•  Hematology equipment
•  Enteral pumps
•  Blood Glucose Meter
•  Breast Biopsy Systems Repair
•  Automated meter reading devices
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Medical Systems & Instrumentation

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