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Supply Chain procurement Service

Supply chain Procurement Management

Customers rely on Topscom's quality material sourcing and management capabilities. With one, single purchase order we can provide material sourcing, manufacturing, assembly, testing and delivery of quality, low-cost components.

        Material planning is one of the most tightly-controlled processes at Topscom. Through our custom ERP system we can manage changes and provide clear projections, flexible services and fast response times to allow customers to react and plan. Topscom's MRP (material requirement planning) system allows us to efficiently manage the bill-of-material, job order, inventory, production and delivery for each individual customer's order, even for low volume, high mix manufacturing requirements.

         We provide plastics, metals, pcba backplanes, toolings and all materials, along with a wide variety of supplies needed in the manufacture of both turnkey and custom products.

        To keep good communication and good cost strength with supplier channel, We also maintain small procurement offices in Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong controlled by our centralized materials warehouse in Shenzhen.
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Supply Chain procurement Service

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