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Pcb Manufacturing

Printed Circuit Boards Pcb Manufacturing & Fabrication

Topscom is one of the world's leading suppliers of printed circuit boards

Over 15 Years of Experience in PCBs Manufacturing, 350,000ft2 monthly | Our products are UL- and RoHS-marked | 2-70 Layer Capablity
Topscom has 15 years of experience in researching and manufacturing PCBs. We provide an extensive range of high-tech prototypes, including HDI boards (5+N+5, stack via and resin plug, laser drill in-house), multilayer boards (up to 70 layers) and rigid-flex boards, along with electronics board manufacturing services.
We also use special materials, mostly from Rogers, Teflon, Nelco, Getek, BT and Arlon.Monthly Turnout Reaching 350,000 Square Feet,With a 12,000-square-meter factory, more than 500 skilled employees and advanced equipment, we are able to produce 350,000 square feet of PCBs monthly. Our facilities house a Hitachi CO2 laser drill machine, X-ray target hole drill machine, AOI machine, Tektronix impedance measurement machines, XY-Dimension micro-test machines and ionic contamination testers. These allow us to complete a 70-layer prototype in as fast as two weeks.Meeting ISO, UL and RoHS Standards,Our QC procedures are in line with ISO/TS 16949, ISO 13485, ISO/TS 14067 and ISO 14001 standards. This ensures that our products carry UL and RoHS marks. Our R&D center consists of experienced engineers who are committed to high-tech PCB innovation.

From the in house qualification of advanced laminate materials, signal integrity analysis, DFx, Topscom is the leading manufacturer of advanced printed circuit boards. For both high speed and high reliability PCB fabrication, Topscoma will work with global based customer to develop advanced PCBs with unique requirements.

•  PCB Layout, CAD, Design for Manufacturability and Cost (DFx)
•  Quick-turn PCB Prototyping for High Technology PCBs, Backplanes and Flex Circuits
•  High-volume,capability over 70 layers
•  Advanced Technology: Latest Laminates, HDI, any Layer Via Structures, Multiple Sequential Laminations

Topscom PCB Factory And Equipment Review:

Complete High Speed PCB & Backplane Solutions

       Topscom provides a fully integrated high speed capability, with in house design, simulation, signal integrity, EMC/RFI analysis, prototyping and production of custom backplanes, high speed PCBs, cables and enclosures.

Mission Critical PCB Solutions

      Topscom designs and produces high reliability PCBs and flex circuits for defense and aerospace, medical and robust environments. Certifications include: MIL-PRF55110 & 31032, ITAR, AS-9100, TL 9000, Telecordia GR-78-CORE.

High Speed PCBs:

•  Multiple sequential laminations
•  HDI, any layer structures
•  Over 70 layers
•  Thermal coining
•  Laser milling
•  Blind and backdrilled thru holes

High Speed Backplanes:

•  Panel sizes to 54 inches
•  Over 70 layers
•  Blind and backdrilled thru holes
•  Dual diameter holes
•  Heavy copper layers
•  Connector expertise

Topscom PCB Circuit Boards Plants Basic Info:
•       Multoc Circuit Co.,Ltd. Established in year 2001 And 100% Subsidiary Company is  Invested By Topscom
•       Factory Location: Multoc Building Park,Futian Industrial Zone, Dingnan City, Jiangxi  Province,China.
•       Initial Capital of $9,000,000
•       Accredited ISO9001 ISO13485 ISO 16949 ISO14000
•       Factory production area of over 12000m2
•       Over 500 employees
•       Sales Revenues: 80 Million USD with 2016 year
•       pcb circuit boards manufacturing,serviced for manufacturing a wide range of products including: Automotive, industrial, medical, consumer, telecom, and Aerospace Devices
•       Pcb include: Multilayer Rigid Pcb, HDI Pcb, Over 70 Layer, And Flexible Circuits Pcb, Rigid-Flexible Circuits Pcb.
•       Products are 100% exported from China, primarily to Europe and North America.
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Pcb Manufacturing

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