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Turnkey Pcba Assembly & Contract Electronic OEM Manufacturing Provider

Computing & Storage

China Topscom,Computing & Storage,Prototype Mass Production,Pcba boards smt assembly and turnkey electronic contract manufacturing OEM EMS company,supplier,manufacturer,full system integration box build in china Topscom.

       Topscom has over 20 years experience to provides computing and storage OEMs complete contract manufacturing service and supply chain solutions. We have more customer require EMS for rack-scale storage and storage server products.Topscom brings expertise in storage server and system contract manufacturing for a wide variety of applications, from ultra high bandwidth storage solutions for high speed computing applications, to cold storage.

       Recent contract manufacturing solutions include:

•       Contract manufacturing of cost Effective Photo sharing Cloud Storage
•       High Volume Storage Server Manufacturing
•       Rack Scale Cloud Servers
•       I/O Intensive Parallel Processor & Storage
•       Advanced, High Speed Graphics Processor
•       High Performance Computer/Storage Interface manufacturing
         Integrated Manufacturing Services provide access to engineering  and manufacturing capability for all components and sub-assemblies for computing products including backplanes, power and cooling sub-assemblies, PCBs, PCBAs, servers, processors, racks and interconnect.
        Volume Production Experienced Products As Below:

•       Workstations
•       Super tape drive mechanisms
•       Storage
•       Servers - low end, mid range, high end
•       Notebook computers
•       Network attached storage
•       Mainframe computers
•       Low-end notebook computers
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Computing & Storage

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