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Turnkey Pcba Assembly & Contract Electronic OEM Manufacturing Provider


China Topscom,Industrical & Industry,Prototype Mass Production,Pcba boards smt assembly and turnkey electronic contract manufacturing OEM EMS company,supplier,manufacturer,full system integration box build in china Topscom.

       Topscom is one of the leading EMS providers for contract manufacturing complex and technologically advanced industrial products. Topscom builds finished products and provides one stop contract manufacturing services for enclosures, machining, welded frames and PCBs backplanes for a broad range of industrial products. Our Industrial product expertise includes:

•       Industrial controls systems, 3D printers, ATMs, kiosks, gaming systems
•       Capital equipment for the semiconductor market
•       Power distribution and management
•       Smart meters and electric car chargers
•       Inverters and enclosures for renewable energy systems
•       Test & measurement, security and safety
•       Mass transit & transportation, elevators and escalators 

Volume Production Experienced Products As Below:

•       Passport scanner
•       Tension controller
•       MDSL router
•       Backbone interface card
•       Diesel UPS / CPS
•       Semi-automated functional testers
•       Tape feeder for SMT production lines SMT
•       Wireless heating controllers
•       Temperature measurement instruments
•       Temperature and pressure controls
•       Network equipment and devices
•       Industrial and domestic lighting controls
•       Board / racks for semiconductor equipment
•       Secure banking device
•       Off-road industrial and mining electronics
•       Banknote identification modules
•       Liquid-cooled boards and rack for a large
•       industrial automation and controls, and smart
•       complex electro-mechanical equipment
•       self-service kiosks
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