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Components Engineering

 Components engineering

       Over 90% of electronic product defects are caused by issues related to component and design for manufacturability, Topscom DFM capability Received many customer recognition. Meanwhile, Topscom engineer team carries out following services on electronic components:

•      components characterisation;
•      incoming inspection;
•      life test;
•      destructive Physical Analysis;
•      failure analysis;
•      obsolescence management;
•      safe long-term storage.

Counterfeit Components Avoidance

       TOPSCOM has developed robust procedures for supplier selection and performance monitoring that prevent counterfeit devices from reaching or passing through our goods-in inspection process.
       Our anti-counterfeit procedures have evolved in line with industry best practice and operate in accordance with the requirements of evolving standards such as AS5553, the specialist standard for the avoidance, detection, mitigation and disposition of Counterfeit Electronic Parts.
      Our staff have a range of equipment at their disposal to assist them in this area, including high resolution microscopes, solvents to check for device marking permanence, equipment for electrical testing, solderability tests and a specialist X-ray system.
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Components Engineering

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