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Repair And Rework

Product repair and rework services

     Topscom offers a suite of repair & rework services in a fully controlled ESD compliant facility, working to recognized IPC and JEDEC workmanship standards, and our skilled workforce is trained and continually assessed by our own on-site trainers.
     To support the supply commitments you have in place with your customers, Topscom can offer repair, rework, remanufacture, upgrade and modification services for your product lines.
      Whether you have a damaged unit out in the field, or have an entire batch of product that needs upgrading to the latest revision, we are able to create bespoke repair and rework agreements to meet your supply chain needs.
Our repair and rework capabilities will be right for you when:
•    Your product is uneconomic to repair but the cause of the fault needs to be fully understood. In this instance, comprehensive analysis of faults found can be fed back to you for future product improvements
•    Your product has been discarded by the consumer for one (or more) of the following reasons: fashion/cosmetics/ageing functionality/legislation/choice. Therefore, it requires remanufacture and/or repackaging
•    Your product is failing in the field but can be economically repaired
•    Your product has not yet been sold to the end customer, but requires some modification or repair (e.g. a software upgrade was identified as being required whilst the product was being shipped)
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Repair And Rework

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