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What documents are required for pcb assembly quotation?

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What documents are required for pcb assembly quotation?

In order to quote the price for the customer efficiently and accurately, when we receive the pcba manufacturing and assembly inquiry, we must ask the customer to provide accurate information.

Must required documents for quotation as below:

•    PCBA BOM list,Bill of Material
•    AVL, and will alternative components be considered?if yes,pls advise
•    Gerber files of pcb boards (with construction info, finishing requirements etc)
•    Test requirements / Testing time (PCB Assembly & Box Build for Complete Product)
•    Enclosure Tooling information and/or Mechanical drawings
•    Packing requirements if any
•    Lot quantities and Annual forecast quantities
•    Test, Safety Certificates requirements if applicable
•    Reference product sample, or product photos (if available)
•    Special/additional requirements, or known precautions during production process (if any)

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