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What is the bom list of a pcb assembly? What is the function of BOM list?

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Today let china Topscom tell you, In our daily work, after many customers contact us through Email,Skype and other way, we usually ask a question, whether you can do pcb circuit board assembly service. Yes, we mainly do this business. Do you have a BOM list here? Many customers will send the information readily, and many customers will say, no, and ask at the same time, what is the BOM list of a pcb assembly, then we can't do the pcb circuit board assembly business behind it?
So what exactly is a BOM table? Its full name (Bill Of Material) means bill of materials. As the name implies, the BOM of a product indicates how many parts are needed to assemble the product. All PCBA assembly manufacturers need to purchase the materials needed for this batch of production according to the BOM list provided by the customer, so as to evaluate the production cycle and process. It can be said that the BOM meter is the top priority in all pcb circuit board assembly.


Since the BOM table is so important, what is its format? A general BOM table needs to be marked at the beginning of 1. Product model 2. Version model 3. Specify date 4. Document number 5. Total number of pages.
Every electronic product will continue to optimize its design or expand its functions throughout the life cycle of R & D, production and improvement (perhaps months to years), and so on. Just like our mobile phone system will always be updated to improve the previous BUG. The version model is used to distinguish each version.
A new problem will arise here. After the new version comes out, be sure to communicate with the PCBA manufacturer. The new version means more than just boring cuts. The deeper problem is that the front-end design, including the schematic, has been changed, because it is impossible to add a few materials to the completed circuit diagram. All materials and quotations have to be reproduced, and the corresponding old versions must be marked as out-of-date documents and stop using them immediately. In order to ensure the order of the management process of the version model, the release and launch of the BOM list of the product must be issued by the R & D department, at least by the R & D engineer and R & D supervisor at each level to ensure the correctness of the BOM list.
The relationship between BOM and products can only be multiple BOM corresponding to one product, but not one BOM corresponding to multiple products, even if the two products are only different in the content of a label.
So, all our customers, after your BOM list has been changed, please send it to us as soon as possible to confirm, we will re-calculate the price and the delivery time of materials, and hope that we PCBA assembly manufacturers can grow with our customers.
China Topscom provide turnkey pcb boards manufacturing and assembly, electronics contract manufacturing services, If u have any more better suggestion, pls let us know by sales@topscom.com.cn

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