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Backplanes & Server Chasis

China Topscom & Backplanes Server Chasis  Build Manufacturing Fabrication & Professional Supplier

     Custom Backplanes and Server Chasis System Solutions
      For over 20 years, Topscom has been the technology experts for the worlds most advanced backplanes. Leading telecommunications and network equipment companies depend on Topscom to incorporate the latest innovations in connectors, manufacturing, materials and process technology into high performance backplanes.
Design support

        Our in-house technical resources have years of experience with high speed backplane design support, layout, mechanical and thermal design support, signal integrity, power distribution and advanced connector selection.
Signal Integrity
           Our technology and designs supported are optimized for signal integrity and take into account distributed interconnect parameters and subtle EM effects, ensuring low noise and high performance throughout the entire interconnect system.
Various Backplane And Server Chasis  Fabrication
         Topscom provides quick turn and production backplanes including: UL ready hybrid constructions integrating FR4, low-loss laminates, blind and buried vias, PTH signal integrity optimization, buried capacitance , thick-film resistors, and RoHS-compliant surface finishes.


        With 20 years of backplane test experience, we provide our customers with a complete test environment including production VNA testing, RoBAT, flying probe, automatic optical inspection (AOI), X-ray and Testronics test capability.
         Topscom has high technology backplane fabrication and assembly factory in Shenzhen China. Our facilities are compliant with key regulatory and safety standards including: ISO9001:2000, 14001, TL9000, BABT, ETSI, GMP, UL, CSA, Mil-PRF-5110/31032 and Mil-A-28870.
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