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Pcb Assembly FAQs

Can I ‘free issue’ material to you?

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Yes, although we would recommend you outsource as much of the material procurement as possible. By retaining control of the supply chain, in addition to placing the purchase orders you will need to continue to manage supplier performance, incoming inspection and quality issues along with all the other hidden costs associated with purchasing, purchase ledger, warehousing, losses, damage etc.

In certain instances, for example when a product contains an extremely high value/single source component, it makes commercial sense for you to retain control of these parts. Any material you wish to ‘free issue’ would need delivering in advance of production. Topscom will advise you on when the material is required in order to meet the agreed delivery schedules. If material is to be free issued, in order to avoid any confusion with the material supplier, we recommend the relationship, quality and delivery performance remains your responsibility.

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Pcb Assembly FAQs

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