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Ten questions and answers from the purchasing manager on the spot-- trading company or factory?

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1. Q: when dealing with a customer, should I tell him that I am a trader for the first time? Because many customers care about this very much, they are more willing to cooperate with factories, but in fact traders can provide very good service. When telling customers that I am a factory, many customers will say that Chinese suppliers like to say that they are factories, but in fact they are just traders. I have to provide a lot of proof to make me look more reliable.
CEO Frank:, a German Feco trading company, is a sensitive and important issue. I purchase products from many Chinese suppliers, two of which are trading companies. Why are customers unwilling to purchase from trading companies? Because they don't want to pay a commission. Second, they think that factories can better control production, quality and delivery time.
2. Q: as a trading company, what is the place where I can most impress buyers?
German Feco trading company CEO Frank: in Europe, I am also a trader, as a trading company has the most important value in Europe. As a trading company, financial convenience is the best service you can provide. Three months is too normal, 180 days of credit is also normal. If I can't provide a loan, I can't do business.
In addition, MOQ is very important, but many factories have set up a very high MOQ. As a trader, we should also have (BROARD RANGE OF PRODUCTS) that can provide a wide variety of products, strict and real quality control, and so on. And factories all like "one product at least one container, pay immediately".
3. Q: I come from a small trading company. What kind of products do I choose to make with more money?
CEO Frank:, a German Feco trading company, is a very serious issue, and I am also very concerned about your concerns. At present, the homogenization of European products is also very serious, and many Chinese suppliers have no idea about it. People think that very basic products with no characteristics will also sell well in Europe. In fact, the competition in Europe is very fierce. As a trading company, you must look for innovative products. Innovation means at least your price will be more flexible. If your product is too simple and the profit is very low, it will be difficult to have room for survival in Europe.
4. Q: we are a trading company. We don't have our own factory. It seems that buyers don't like us. Excuse me, what should I do?
CEO Frank:, a German Feco trading company, I will not choose him simply because the other party is not a factory. If I didn't choose you, it must be for other reasons. Your problem may be that you don't show yourself well and don't seriously consider where your strengths are when providing offer. Compared with the factory, your service is good, you have other advantages. The trading company I work with provides me with great services, such as minimum rationing. Trading companies also have excellent warehousing services. My time is precious, so I am willing to pay more for quick and efficient delivery.
5. Q: in the eyes of buyers, do factories have more advantages than foreign trade companies?
Canadian purchasing manager Sophia:, it depends. It mainly depends on three aspects:
Price: sometimes, the factory's offer is more competitive. The advantage of a foreign trade company is that it can hoard a batch of orders and place them in a factory at once, thus getting a lower price. Then they break up the goods and distribute them to each customer.
Quality: the factory can control the product quality at the first time. Foreign trade companies can thoroughly implement a more stringent product control system to ensure that product quality reaches world-class standards.
Communication skills: in this respect, most factories are at a disadvantage. Factories generally do not have professional foreign trade employees, or do not understand the behavior habits and cultural background of buyers, while foreign trade companies have accumulated a wealth of experience, and their understanding ability and foreign trade process operation ability are better than factories. They will also have closer ties with foreign businessmen.
6. Q: as a purchaser, will you place an order to a small factory like ours?
Sophia:, Canadian Purchasing Manager, then you should tell me why I buy from you, why not from large suppliers but from small suppliers. Small suppliers may be more creative, you must have something special, such as very accurate delivery date (excellent delivery), process inspection (process check), etc., to participate in the exhibition to bring well-made materials and good English exhibitors, and then bring the buyer to the factory to visit, this is what you can do.
The decision on whether to buy is not up to you, but to the buyer. Some buyers do want to work with small suppliers, for example, they may want to purchase different products, or they may want to find a suitable company for a joint venture, for a variety of possible reasons. However, no matter large or small companies, we should ensure that there are foreign trade personnel who are good at English.
7. Q: we are a trading company. We sold our products to buyers. At that time, the factory said that the warranty was only 2 years, but there was something wrong with the products in about 1 year. Who should be responsible?
Marco:, general manager of Swiss promotional Gift Purchasing Company (Shanghai), confirms with the factory what is guaranteed and what is not guaranteed in the service, which is written in the contract. Tell the buyer what you can offer and what you can't. In the quality assurance contract, pay attention to details and clarify the rights and responsibilities. Don't give in too much, don't ask too much, just seek truth from facts.
8. Q: Europeans also began to pay attention to price, although our quality is very good, but buyers will go directly to the factory, customer service is very important, how to prove that our service is good? The example of Jack (the supplier Jack actively communicates with the buyer after a problem) is that he proves to the buyer that they have good service when something happens. But if there is no incident, how can I prove that my service is good?
Marco:, General Manager of Swiss pcb assembly Purchasing Company (Shanghai). First of all, you are very professional. Price has always been very important, the economic crisis makes price more important to customers to choose a variety of types, tell him the difference between price and quality, tell him how to choose different products will have different results; in addition, timely reply, email professional, keep friendly, find good shipping cooperation, ensure punctual shipping, do not send attachments casually, so as not to lose, and so on. And when it's time to make a commitment, give a commitment, feel different from everyone else (to make the customer feel the difference between you and other suppliers. )。. Price is really important, you try to give a reasonable price, everything is done, even if he leaves today, he may find you tomorrow, not this year, next year may also look for you. This often happens in Europe.
9. Q: the southern European market is our target market, but many buyers do not speak English. Can we go to a British trading company and export our products to southern Europe through the UK?
Dominic: English, purchasing manager of contract manufacturing in Germany, is the native language of the UK, and it is true that it is easier for the UK to expand in the field of foreign trade. But when British people go to Spain and Germany, it is also difficult for them to communicate: in Spain, few people speak English, while in France, it is even harder to find.
It is also recommended that you look for a local trading company, for example, if you work in the Spanish market, look for a Spanish trading company. Otherwise, you find British trading companies, although the communication can be very smooth, they do not have orders from Spain, as you have the same difficulties to open up the surrounding market.
10. Q: when you choose suppliers, is quotation the most important factor in the evaluation?
Canadian Purchasing Manager Sophia: in international trade, any factor may be attributed to competitive advantage. Every buyer hopes to buy products of low price and good quality. When the price is right and the quality is good, buyers will consider freight or after-sales service.
It is absolutely a joke to expect the product to have "Italian design, German quality and Chinese price".
But over the years, "made in China" has also made great progress, it is no longer synonymous with "low price, low quality", so, in the case of a substantial improvement in product quality, buyers can also accept the corresponding price increase.

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