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Advantages and China PCB Factory Types of PCBA Substitute

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China PCB factory
Choosing a PCB assembly foundry needs to be based on its own needs, so what are its advantages? Today, I'd like to talk about the advantages and China PCB factory types of PCBA.
1. Advantages of PCB assembly substitute
1) OEM manufacturing can reduce the cost of purchasing materials. Professional China electronic manufacturing processing plants process electronics manufacturing materials for various units. They purchase a large amount of materials and have special fixed material suppliers. In order to cooperate with large manufacturers for a long time, suppliers will provide the lowest price.
2) OEM manufacturing can reduce the warehouse area. If you need to purchase a large number of raw materials, you need to prepare the warehouse to store, you need to occupy the cost of the warehouse, there are a lot of raw materials in the warehouse, and you need to have a special person to manage them. These are all costs.
3) OEM manufacturing can save money to buy machinery and equipment, and use the money in more needed places. PCBA processing needs all kinds of precision processing equipment and all kinds of testing equipment. If you process it yourself, you have to buy these equipment, which costs a lot of money. After processing, it is a waste to leave these equipment idle.
PCB assembly substitute
2. Types of PCBA foundry
1) Technology oriented
Mainly focuses on the development of China electronic assembly solutions, electronic product design. The company focuses on the research and development of China electronic manufacturing products, and can also provide small and medium batch PCB assembly processing and corresponding material purchasing.
2) Processing oriented
The company has PCB SMT assembly chip processing line, which can provide efficient electronics manufacturing product processing services, including PCB SMT assembly, dip, post welding, wire assembly, shell assembly and finished product assembly. However, it provides less resources in product development, and generally requires customers to provide relevant technical documents for processing.
The above is a detailed introduction of "advantages and China PCB factory types of PCBA OEM manufacturing". If you have any other questions, please continue to pay attention to us!

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