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How to choose the pcb assembly manufacturer and what are the types of pcb assembly manufacturers?

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How to choose the pcb assembly manufacturer in china and what are the types of pcb assembly manufacturers?
Pcb assembly is now a common and necessary method for the production and processing of electronic products. now many manufacturers hand over the pcb assembly production to special contract manufacturers, which can reduce their own pressure to a certain extent. however, there are a lot of pcb assembly on the market, and many people do not know how to choose. The following is a detailed description of "how to select pcb assembly, what are the types?"


First, how to choose the pcb assembly manufacturer?
1. When customers choose pcb assembly, they need to carefully examine its basic situation, especially to verify the normality and professionalism of the manufacturer.
For its normality, we can learn about it from its relevant qualifications, such as whether it has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, etc.; for its professional understanding of electronic processing, we need to be more patient.
It is necessary to visit the pcb assembly factory in person, including the SMT workshop, the DIP workshop, the office environment, the mental outlook of the company staff, etc., such as to see whether their production equipment is advanced enough, whether the pcb assembly process meets the requirements, whether the workshop environment is clean and tidy, whether the materials are neatly placed, and so on.
Customers can also consider by understanding the development trajectory of the factory in recent years, if the development is getting better and better, then to a certain extent, we can see how the comprehensive strength of the factory is and whether it is worthy of cooperation.
2. In order to ensure that the quality of PCB boards and electronic components provided by pcb assembly is guaranteed, when you choose a suitable manufacturer, you need to take a look at the well-known enterprises you are working with. Find out whether the enterprises they cooperate with have well-known medium and large enterprises, and whether they provide overall solutions for pcb assembly for well-known brand companies. Or observe its processing of electronic products in the field, whether there are current hot areas, so that it can indirectly understand its processing strength.
In addition, it is necessary to examine whether the manufacturer has formed a good quality control and comprehensive procurement capability advantage in electronic components, whether the long-term and stable cooperative relationship between manufacturers and agents, and whether they have a good supply cycle and supply cost advantages.
Second,types of contract porcurment materials for pcb assembly?
1. Technical type.
The main capabilities tend to program research and development, forward or reverse research and development, product design, etc., while developing products, we can also provide corresponding pcb assembly processing and material procurement services.
2. Processing type.
Processing enterprises generally have multiple SMT patch production lines and DIP plug-in post-welding lines, and have complete testing equipment, three prevention, filling and sealing glue, etc.
The company has several SMT chip processing production lines, which can provide efficient electronic products processing services. However, there are few resources in product development, and customers are generally required to provide relevant technical documents for processing.
The above is about "how to choose pcb assembly, what are the types?" If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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