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What are the characteristics of surface assembled components in PCBA processing plant?

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What are the risks of PCBA OEM and material substitution? There are risks such as difficulty in confirming the authenticity of materials, unstable procurement cycle, difficult maintenance, capital and so on; There are many characteristics of surface assembled components in PCB Assembly processing plant, such as less parasitic capacitance and parasitic inductance of components, so as to improve the high-frequency characteristics and improve the service frequency and circuit speed. Next, I'll introduce it to you.
What are the risks of PCBA OEM manufacturing?
It is difficult to confirm the authenticity of materials:
As PCBA China OEM manufacturing suppliers are generally responsible for making electronic components and PCB board, some electronic processing plants pursuing interests may buy some fake and shoddy materials in order to reduce production costs. In this case, the quality of the material can be ensured by specifying the material supplier and providing the certificate of origin of the original material.
Unstable procurement cycle:
In the whole production cycle of PCB Assembly processing, material procurement is the most unstable, especially when the components used by customers are scarce, not common supplies, or the demand for components is large, and the China OEM manufacturing supplier has no inventory and needs to order. At this time, uncontrollable factors will occur.
Maintenance difficulty:
If the PCBA China OEM manufacturing supplier does not have strong maintenance capacity, it will lead to product maintenance difficulties and prolong the maintenance cycle, which will eventually affect the delivery time of products and cause great losses to customers.
Capital risk:
The PCB Assembly OEM manufacturing mode requires the processing manufacturer to help the customer purchase all materials. The customer needs to pay an advance payment, generally 70% of the overall payment, and then the manufacturer starts to purchase materials and carry out the PCBA processing and production process. Finally, the customer pays the remaining 30% when the products are shipped. As we all know, the value of PCB Assembly OEM manufacturing service is generally high, and the transaction amount is relatively large. In the process of cooperation between the two sides, the arrears of one party are easy to lead to the fracture of the company's funds, so it increases a lot of uncontrollable risks.
Characteristics of surface assembled components in PCBA processing plant:
On the electrodes of PCB SMT assembly components, some welding ends have no leads at all, and some have only very small leads; The spacing between adjacent electrodes is much smaller than the lead spacing (2.54mm) of traditional dual in-line integrated circuits, and the pin center distance of IC has been reduced from 1.27mm to 0.3mm; With the same degree of integration, the area of PCB SMT assembly components is much smaller than that of traditional components, and the chip resistance capacitance has changed from 3.2mm in the early stage × 1.6mm reduced to 0.6mm × 0.3mm; With the development of bare chip technology, BGA and CSP high pin count devices have been widely used in production.
PCB SMT assembly components are directly mounted on the surface of printed circuit board, and the electrode is welded on the pad on the same side of PCB SMT assembly components. In this way, there is no pad around the through hole on the PCB, which greatly improves the wiring density of the PCB.
Surface PCB Assembly technology not only affects the area of wiring on printed circuit board, but also affects the electrical characteristics of devices and components. Without lead or short lead, the parasitic capacitance and inductance of components are reduced, so as to improve the high-frequency characteristics and improve the service frequency and circuit speed.
The utility model has the advantages of simple shape and firm structure, and is close to the surface of PCB board, which improves the reliability and seismic resistance; There is no lead bending and wire cutting during PCB Assembly. When manufacturing printed circuit boards, the through holes of inserted components are reduced: the size and shape are standardized, and the automatic Mounter can be adopted for automatic mounting. It has high efficiency, high reliability, is convenient for mass production, and the comprehensive cost is low.
In the traditional sense, surface assembled components have no pins or short pins. Compared with plug-in components, the solderability detection methods and requirements are different. The temperature borne by the whole surface component is higher, but the temperature borne by the surface assembled pins or endpoints is lower than that of DP pins.
The above is the introduction of "the risk of PCBA OEM, what are the characteristics of surface assembled components in PCB Assembly processing plant". I hope it can help you.

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