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Introduction to PCB SMT Assembly Chip Processing and Precautions


PCB SMT assembly chip processing is a PCB board welding processing factory. The main production equipment includes printing machine, dispensing machine, PCB SMT assembly mounting machine, etc. with semi-automatic and full-automatic. There are some things to pay attention to in PCB SMT assembly chip processing. Solder paste should be applied during processing. The chip mounter equipment must be inspected regularly. Next, I'll introduce it to you.
Introduction to PCB SMT assembly chip processing:
1. PCB SMT assembly chip processing is the processing production line of PCB motherboard. I believe many friends do not necessarily know what PCB SMT assembly chip processing is. In fact, PCB SMT assembly chip processing is what we are familiar with: PCB board welding processing factory.
2. The main production line equipment of PCB SMT assembly chip processing includes printing machine, dispensing machine, PCB SMT assembly mounting machine, reflow furnace and wave soldering machine. Auxiliary equipment includes AOI testing equipment, repair equipment, cleaning equipment, drying equipment and material storage equipment.
3. PCB SMT assembly patch processing production line can be divided into full-automatic production line and semi-automatic production line according to the degree of automation. According to the scale of the production line, it can be divided into large, medium and small PCB SMT assembly patch processing production lines.
4. Semi automatic PCB SMT assembly patch processing production line refers to that the main PCB SMT assembly patch processing and production equipment are not connected or not fully connected. PCB SMT assembly printer is semi-automatic and requires manual printing or manual loading and unloading of printed boards.
PCB SMT assembly patch processing precautions:
1. When PCB SMT assembly patch processing, we all know that it is basically applied to solder paste. For the newly purchased solder paste, if it is not applied immediately, PCB SMT assembly factory needs to store it in an environment of 5-10 degrees, so as not to affect the application of solder paste. It must not be placed in an environment lower than zero degrees, nor if it is higher than 10 degrees.
2. During the mounting process, the mounter equipment must be inspected regularly. If the PCB SMT assembly factory equipment is aging or some parts are damaged, in order to ensure that the mounter will not be skewed and high throwing, the equipment needs to be repaired or replaced in time. Only in this way can we reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.
3. When PCB SMT assembly chip processing, if you want to ensure the quality of PCBA processing and welding, you need to pay attention to whether the setting of reflow welding process and technical parameters is more reasonable at any time. If there is a problem in parameter setting, the quality of PCB SMT assembly chip welding can not be guaranteed. Therefore, in general, the furnace temperature needs to be tested twice a day, and at least once. Only by continuously improving the temperature curve and setting the temperature curve of welding products can the quality of processed products be guaranteed. 

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