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What is a pcb circuit board? china Topscom tell u how is the pcb board manufacturing?

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What is a pcb circuit board? china Topscom tell u how is the pcb board manufacturing?
Pcb circuit board is also called printed circuit board! copper clad laminate! the printed circuit board is a provider of electrical connections for electronic components. according to the number of circuit board layers, it can be divided into single
circuit board, double circuit board, four-layer circuit board, six-layer board and other multi-layer circuit board.

There are two ways to make it:

The second method described below requires the software to design the printed circuit board diagram according to the circuit schematic diagram through the design software. Generally, there are three kinds of software commonly used: the first kind of PROTEL circuit automatic design software, the second kind of ORCAD EDA software, and the third kind of PowerPCB design software.
First, physical method: this method is laborious, and the precision is low, only relatively simple lines can be used. The main disadvantages are labor-consuming and time-consuming, the accuracy is not easy to control and irrecoverable, and the operation requirements are very high, which has been rarely used by people at present.
Second, chemical methods: the process is relatively complex, but the precision can be controlled, which is the most widely used rapid plate-making method at present, but there are still many problems.
a. The printing accuracy depends on the accuracy of the printer cartridges used. The line printed by the printer with poor performance is uneven, which is easy to cause wire breaking and adhesion in the process of corrosion.

b. The exposure and development time of the sensitive plate is not easy to control, and the best exposure time of each batch of plate will be different, which needs to be mastered through repeated experiments.

c. The control of the corrosion process is difficult: the single corrosion board can not be equipped with the professional control equipment used in the mass production of the circuit board factory, and the temperature, concentration and pH of the corrosion solution will have a great impact on the corrosion quality. If you want to make a good circuit board, you must accumulate a lot of experience. Otherwise, the scrap of the material is very serious.

d. The photosensitive plate has high requirements for the environment, so it must be preserved in full black and low temperature, and the exposure process must also be carried out in the darkroom.

e. Silver salts (photosensitive materials) and copper salts (corrosion products) are toxic, the operation should be very careful in the corrosion process, it is difficult to clean people or clothing, and due to environmental protection reasons, the treatment of waste liquid after corrosion is more troublesome.

f. The etched finished products must be worked by hand, and it is difficult to control the precision of manual drilling.

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