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Latest global top 100 ranking of EMS companies in 2020

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China Topscom posted latest news in May of 2020.Electronic contract manufacturing service (EMS,Electronic Manufacturing Services), also known as ECM (Electronic Contract Manufacturing), is also translated into professional electronic contract manufacturing service. Compared with the traditional OEM or ODM services, which only provide product design and contract production, EMS manufacturers provide knowledge and management services, such as material management, logistics transportation, and even product maintenance services.
Now all kinds of electronic products, especially notebook computers, mobile phones and other products, no matter what the brand is, many are hired professional electronic contract service providers to contract production, famous brands sometimes only provide brand, design, monitoring, technical support. So it can be said that these EMS suppliers are the behind-the-scenes heroes of the best-selling products.
China's EMS enterprises and SMT (surface mount) industry can be said to have grown from scratch, from small to large. The development of enterprises reflects the changes of industry. After more than 10 years of development, China's local EMS enterprises have formed a certain scale, which has not only made a great contribution to the development of China's electronic industry, but also led to the development of upstream and downstream industries, especially the upstream equipment and materials industry and downstream terminal consumer products.
 top 100 ems companies provider
According to latest economic statistics,latest global top 100 ranking of EMS companies in 2020 as below: 

1. Honhai Precision Industry, Foxconn.
Main products: the world's largest professional electronics manufacturing service, engaged in the manufacturing of electronic products, but Foxconn insists on not being its own brand and keeping a low profile. The manufacturing field covers precision electrical connectors, computer casings and quasi-systems, computer systems and mobile phone assembly, optical communication components, consumer electronics, liquid crystal display equipment, semiconductor equipment and so on.
Official website: http://www.foxconn.com.cn/.
2. FlextronIcs InternatIonal Ltd.
Main products: Flextronics Group, founded in 1969, is a multinational company headquartered in Singapore and listed on NASDAQ, and is currently one of the world's second largest electronic contract manufacturing service provider (EMS),. Business includes mobile phone circuit board design, communication engineering, auto parts manufacturing and logistics.
Official website: http://www.flextronics.com/.
3. Jabil
Main products: it is an electronic contract manufacturing service (EMS) company, which started as a contract manufacturer of printed circuit boards.
Official website: http://www.jabil.com/.
4. Celestica.
Main products: world-renowned computer, information technology and communications enterprises provide first-class manufacturing solutions and value-added services, the main customers include: IBM, Sun Microsystems, Lucent, Cisco, HP and so on.
Official website: http://www.celestica.com/.
5. Sanmina-SCI.
Main: provide one-stop service, the company provides a full range of value-added services including: engineering design, multi-layer circuit board manufacturing, circuit board assembly, optical fiber cable assembly, storage module, optical module, system integration, supply chain management and logistics installation services.
Official website: http://sanmina.com/.
6.New Kinpo Group.
Main products: products cover computer peripherals, communications, optoelectronics, power management and consumer electronics and other fields.
Official website: http://www.newkinpogroup.com/.
7. Shenzhen Kaifa Technology.
Main products: committed to providing advanced manufacturing services for hard disk parts, solid-state storage, communications and consumer electronics, medical devices and other electronic products, as well as the R & D and production of metering systems, payment terminals and automation equipment.
Official website: http://www.kaifa.com.cn/.
8.Benchmark Electronics.
Main products: global integrated electronic manufacturing, design and engineering services.
Official website: http://www.bench.com/.
Main products: a leading company providing electronic design, manufacturing and after-sales market services to companies producing small and medium-sized and high-complexity products.
Official website: http://www.plexus.com/.
10.Universal Scientific Industrial Co. Ltd. (USI).
Main products: global ODM/EMS leading manufacturers, specializing in providing product design, miniaturization, material procurement, manufacturing, logistics and maintenance services for domestic and foreign brand electronic products or modules. To provide customers with communications, computer and storage, consumer electronics, industrial and automotive electronics-based five categories of electronic products.
Official website: http://www.usish.com/.
11.Venture Manufacturing.
Headquarters: Singapore.
Main products: prototype processing.
Official website: http://www.venturemfg.com/.
Headquarters: Luxembourg.
Main products: one of the leading (EMS) suppliers of electronic manufacturing services, with design capabilities, focusing on three areas of the communications technology industry: personal communications, home communications and communication networks. Products include mobile phones and components, set-top boxes and flat-screen televisions, base stations, tower top amplifiers and microwave systems. It was later acquired by Great Wall Development.
Main products: specially for Japan Panasonic, Fujitsu, OMRON, Hitachi and other large companies to provide circuit board production and electronic material supply, the strength is also very strong in the world, is a Japanese company established shortly after the second World War.
Official website: http://www.siix.co.jp/.
14.Zollner Elektronik.
Main products: electrical and electronic manufacturing.
Official website: http://www.zollner.de/.
15.BeyoNICs Technology.
Main products: global manufacturers, mainly covering medical, automotive and a wide range of industrial markets.
Official website: http://www.beyonics.com/.
Main products: an electronic manufacturing service (EMS) company. Sumitronics has established a supply chain management (SCM) system using its own network and systems in Asia, North America and Europe, and provides international EMS business that leverages the strength of the corporate Sumitomo group and has global influence.
Official website: http://www.sumitronics.co.jp/.
17.UMC Electronics Co., Ltd.
Main products: Sanhe Sheng Technology Electronics Factory is a wholly Japanese-owned enterprise engaged in processing supplied materials. The factory was founded on November 15, 2000, and its main business is the production of surface solid substrates and the assembly of electronic products.
Official website: http://www.umc.co.jp/.
18.Orient Semiconductor Electronics.
Main products: provide integrated circuit packaging and test manufacturing services, and professional electronic contract manufacturing services.
Official website: http://www.ose.com.tw/.
19.Kimball Electronics Group.
Official website: http://www.kegroup.com/.
20.AsteelFlash Group.
Main products: Feixu Group provides a full range of contract manufacturing services to many high-tech companies around the world, including Internet, storage, telecommunications, industrial, medical and military aviation.
Official website: http://www.asteelflash.com/.
22.Quanta computer.
23. Solectron.
25.IPV Technology.
29.Nam Tai Electronics.
30.Viasystems Group.
31.Hong Kong WKK Technology Ltd.
32. Canada Creation Technologies.
33.Hana Microelectronics, Thailand.
34 Neways Electronics International N.V.
35. American NEO Tech.
36. Hong Kong Alco Electroncs.
37. French ALL CIRCUITS.
38. American Sypris.
39. Hong Kong Computime Limited.
40. American Key Tronic.
42. Japan Di-Nikko Engineering.
43. Sweden PartnerTech.
44. Japan Nippon Manufacturing Service.
45. Hong Kong Valuetronics Holding.
46. Malaysia SMT Technologies.
47. French LACROIX Electronics.
48. Finnish Scanfil EMS.
49. Norwegian Kitron.
50. Italy Selcom Elettronica-Bologna, Italy.
52. American Venter Electronics-Venture Corporation.
53. Singapore Jurong Technology Industry-Jurong Technologies.
54. Hong Kong Yilida Electronics Group-Elite Industronics Group.
55. Hitachi Anliqin-Hitachi OMD.
57.Wong's Electronics.
58. Huawei Electronics-Hana Microelectronics.
60. Integrated microelectronics-Integrated Microelectronics.
61. Taiwan Oriental Semiconductor-Orient Semiconductor Electronics.
65. VTech Communications-VTech Communications.
66. Shanke Electronics-SMTC.
67.Flash Electronics.
68.Sinbon Electronics.
69.Simclar Group.
72. Epic Technology-EPIC Technologies.
73.Vogt Electronics.
74.COB Technologies.
75.MC Aasembly.
78.KeyTronic ESM.
79.Express Manufacturing, Inc
80. Phoenix International-Phoenix International.
81.TT EMS.
82.Sypris Electronics.
83.Sigmatron International.
84.Nack Technogies.
85.ACT Electronics.
86.Deswell Industries.
87.Gul Ttechnogies.
88.Nortech Systems.
90.THE Morey Corporation.
91.Micro Dynamics.

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