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What is your contract PI PL format for pcba assembly online quote or quotation?

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The following is our company's pcba manufacturing assembly quotation contract, if you have any questions, please contact our company: sales@topscom.com.cn



PCBA Assembly Contract Agreement
TO: (Party A):  Pcba Assembly Customer Name
FR: (Party B):  Topscom Precision   Attn contact: sales Name
Tel Tel: + 86-755-22211988 Email:sales@topscom.com.cn
Company address:Topscom Building,No.15 Building,SongZiLing Industrial Park,Liantang Industrial City,Shang Village,Gongming,Guangming New District,Shenzhen City,China.


Party An entrusts Party B to produce the pcba assembly products listed in the table below at the prices agreed below:


NO Product model Quantity(pcs) Amount (usd) Remark
Total Amount   Based on EXW Shenzhen terms
II. Terms of the contract:

1. Method of payment: the customer places an order, pays 50% deposit, and pays before delivery.
2. The principle of confidentiality: without consent, Party B shall not lend the technical documents of the project to a third party, and the implementation process of the project must strictly abide by the technical specifications and protect the relevant technical secrets.
3, material supply: all materials shall be purchased by Party B according to the requirements of Party A. if Party B loses, damages or disqualifies Party A's materials, Party B shall deduct them from the contract in accordance with Party A's report.
4, quality assurance: the products produced by our company shall comply with the technical documents provided by your company. When you have no special requirements, we will take SJ/T10666-1995 or IPC-610A as the inspection standard.
5, delivery period: day delivery, Party B shall deliver the goods according to the contract confirmation date, if the delivery time is delayed every late day due to Party B, it shall be deducted from the contract by 1% of the total amount of the contract.
6, repair conditions: party A found in the process of product testing due to the placement problems caused by our company, we are responsible for and unconditional rework.
7. Matters not covered in this contract shall be settled by both parties through consultation. If no agreement can be reached, they shall be submitted to China Shenzhen Arbitration Commission for arbitration.
8. This contract shall enter into force after being signed and sealed by both parties.

China Topscom provide turnkey pcb board manufacturing and assembly, electronics contract manufacturing services, If u have any more better suggestion, pls let us know by sales@topscom.com.cn

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