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Why PCBs are Much Better than Breadboards

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Electrical connections can be made either via Printed Circuit Boards or using bread or vero boards. While the two options serve the same purpose (i.e. completing the interconnections in a circuit), there’s heated debate about which option is better; PCBs or breadboards?

However, once you start comparing the strengths of each option, you’ll arrive at the same conclusion that Printed Circuit Boards are much more efficient and cost-effective than breadboards. Here are five reasons why they should be your preferred choice of connection.

1.Smaller in Size:

Generally speaking, devices that are connected using Printed Circuit Boards are much more portable and smaller in size than ones made using breadboard connections. This is because the layout of a PCB can be optimized to occupy the least amount of space possible. This makes them the ideal choice for circuit designers tasked with created small electronics.


Troubleshooting an error is much easier on a Printed Circuit Board than on a breadboard as the latter can take hours on end. Furthermore, there’s always the possibility that you may disconnect an integral component on the breadboard which compromises the overall functionality of the electronic device.
On the other hand, any errors in wiring and connection are more apparent on the Printed Circuit Board. Moreover, they can also be easily repaired which makes PCBs much more cost-effective and easier to repair than breadboards.


Granted breadboards aren’t expensive either but, when compared to a Printed Circuit Board, they tend to cost more. Furthermore, that’s without factoring in the expense of maintaining a breadboard and any repairs that you may have to perform with time. So, any way you look at it, PCBs are much more cost-effective than breadboards.


Not only are PCBs easier to produce and more cost-effective than breadboards, they’re also more durable too. This is partly because the internal connections on a breadboard tend to deteriorate with time while PCBs suffer from no such problem. Generally speaking, a device powered by a PCB will last longer than one made from a breadboard.


No matter how neatly you pack the connections on your breadboard, they will come off as soon as they experience sudden jerks. On the other hand, devices powered by PCBs suffer from no such problems as they tend to be more rigid than the average breadboard. In other words, if your application is expected to be mobile, you should only use a PCB.

It’s because of these reasons (and countless others) that we’re such strong advocates of Printed Circuit Boards. That being said, it’s worth keeping in mind that not all PCBs are created equally as a poorly manufactured PCB will offer a worse performance than a breadboard. Therefore, you should only buy premium quality PCBs so as to guarantee performance of the highest caliber.

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