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What on earth can 5G bring to manufacturing?

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With the formal issuance of the 5G license, it has also detonated people's infinite reverie about the future changes. Based on the industrial field, some people say: in the future industrial 4.0 era, 5G will become the existence of "water and air", so what new opportunities can 5G bring to the electronic manufacturing industry?
5G is not only fast. 5G, that is, the fifth generation mobile communication technology, that is, the fifth generation communication technology used on wireless and mobile devices. I believe you already have some understanding of the key attributes of 5G: the speed is ten times faster than 4G, and Huawei leads the world in 5G technology. However, it would be too narrow to think of it as "surfing the Internet faster". Generally speaking, 5G has three obvious characteristics:
Ultra-high speed.
With the natural advantages of high frequency band, coupled with the antenna matrix and beamforming technology, the theoretical transmission rate of 5G network is 10 Gbps, which is 10 times higher than that of 4G network. The experiment of China Unicom applying 5G base station in Guizhou for the first time shows that 5G can achieve the download rate of 1.8Gbps in the actual use environment.  article is posted by Topscom,R&D Dep.Dr.Yang lixi,Topscom provide professional pcb board design, pcb assembly, electronics manufacturing services.
In short, "5G fast, the phone bill can not keep up".

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Super capacity.
4G changes life, 5G changes society. The reason why 5G can change society is due to the advantage of large capacity.
According to the draft 5G standard issued by the International Telecommunication Union ((ITU)), the 5G link density will reach 1 million devices per square kilometer.
This means that the Internet of everything becomes possible, and a large number of items will be connected to the 5G network, thus building a real Internet of things.

Ultra-low delay.

Latency, that is, the time it takes for information to arrive from the source host to the server and then return to the source host. Ideally, the maximum latency of a 5G network would be no more than 4ms, which is as fast as lightning when it just broke through the 100ms gate in the 4G era.

The extremely low delay will lead us into a new real-time era, and technologies such as remote surgery and self-driving will gain more practical possibilities. for the machine tool industry, it means that systems such as industrial robots can have faster responsibility. can replace people to do more elaborate work.

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Therefore, 5G's enhanced broadband, massive connectivity, low latency and high reliability provide backing for the realization of a beautiful vision such as the Internet of things and artificial intelligence, and provide support for a variety of cross-border integration and cross-industry applications. It can be predicted that the large-scale construction of 5G network is about to start, and 5G services for various industries are also ready to be launched.
According to the analysis of authoritative organizations, 80% of the market share pried by 5G technology will be concentrated on the B2B side. Industrial Internet IIoT application scenario will play an important role in 5G.
article is posted by Topscom,R&D Dep.Dr.Yang lixi,Topscom provide professional pcb board design,pcb assembly, contract manufacturing services.
Mobile robots have been used in the field of logistics and warehousing.

Information Network-- "Don't talk to Party A"

This is not to let the factory ignore the requirements of Party A. In reality, the information communication between consumers and producers is an important factor affecting production quality, and production efficiency is often delayed because of poor communication. However, in the 5G era, due to the high coverage of the information network, the exchange of information between people and machines will be more extensive. If Party A can't make it clear to you about the needs, let him talk to the robot directly. In the 5G era, through the computer or even the mobile phone port, Party A can directly connect to the production network and adjust it at any time according to the current production situation, so that "what you want" can be made.
Maintenance mode-- "maintenance personnel can't come today"

At the moment, this sentence is the beginning of a nightmare, and every minute of paralysis in the production line is the passage of money. But in the 5G era, this sentence will become the new normal-don't worry, it doesn't mean that the repairman can't get to the scene, but that the repairman doesn't have to be there.

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5G brings not only the Internet of everything, but also the exchange of information of everything, which makes the maintenance of intelligent factories break through the factory boundaries in the future. In the future, each object in the factory is a terminal with a unique IP, so that the raw materials in the production process have the attribute of "information". As more equipment and more components are connected to the 5G network, after the failure occurs, the maintenance party (even the foreign experts across continents) can get the fault information at the first time through the 5G network, "gather" at the fault site, and use VR and other technologies to guide the factory to deal with in real time, more and more problems can be solved online. Behind the efficient troubleshooting, maintenance personnel no longer have to do the Chollima of "traveling thousands of miles every day and eight hundred at night".
Huawei and Deutsche Telekom demonstrate industrial manipulator to move boxes.

Robot-- "seamless coordination of robotic arms"

In fact, as early as the 2017 World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Huawei conducted an experiment with two manipulators based on 5G technology to complete the box lift in conjunction with Deutsche Telekom.
The end-to-end slicing technology of the 5G network accurately controls the synchronization of the movements of the two manipulators, making it complete a full set of cooperative actions smoothly. When 5G is widely used, your robot can not only move flexibly, but also flexibly cooperate to accomplish more difficult tasks. After human beings gradually lose the advantage of strength and precision, the flexibility of our arms may also be surpassed by robots.

5G will help you make progress in the cloud.

Intelligence-- "the cloud server seems to be at hand"
Entering the era of the Internet of everything, every device can directly access the cloud server and communicate with it efficiently with ultra-low latency. Huge amounts of information will enter the cloud server network and constantly "feed" artificial intelligence.
This means that the application efficiency of the cloud server and the learning progress of artificial intelligence will be greatly improved, and a large amount of industrial data will be collected and collected to the cloud server through the 5G network to form a huge database. Industrial robots combine the super computing capabilities of cloud computing to carry out independent learning and accurate judgment, and give the best solution. In other words, the industrial robot will have a "far away, near at hand" brain to help it calculate, plan the best production mode, and make the best decisions for the overall situation.

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The time of each link of production and manufacturing becomes shorter, the solution is faster and better, and the production and manufacturing efficiency is greatly improved. Robots become people's senior assistants, replacing people with jobs that are difficult for adults to complete, and people and robots can live together in the factory.

5G, will greatly promote the implementation of intelligent manufacturing. The industrial application supported by 5G will also become the next tipping point in the field of intelligent manufacturing.
There is still a long way to go for large-scale applications.
Internet of everything is possible based on 5G technology.

What changes can 5G bring to the manufacturing industry?

5G not only changes the download speed in the traditional sense, but also changes the dependency and connection mode between devices, which can realize decentralization and gridding, and start the era of the Internet of everything. In the manufacturing field, can 5G make a difference?

Hardware-"the cable in the factory is missing"

Don't panic, the missing cable wasn't stolen. Based on the characteristics of high speed, high reliability and low delay of 5G technology, the factory no longer needs complex cables for data transmission, and each system can carry out wireless transmission and wireless control directly.
After the cable disappears, the purchase and maintenance costs will be saved, and the security risks caused by the cable will be greatly reduced.
article is posted by Topscom,R&D Dep.Dr.Yang lixi,Topscom provide professional pcb boars design,pcba,electronic contract manufacturing services.

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Robots bound by cables in modern factories.

Flexible Manufacturing-- "your robot will go."
With the disappearance of the cable, the "rope" that restricts the movement of the robot disappears. With the continuous coverage of the highly reliable network, the robot can be equipped with wheels (or other devices) to move around the factory at will and arrive at various locations on demand. This will bring great imagination to the production mode of the factory.
At a time when more and more emphasis is placed on "flexible manufacturing", a flexible production line that can flexibly adjust the position of each equipment and flexibly assign tasks will become a new artifact for producers. 5G makes use of its unparalleled unique advantages to promote the large-scale popularization of flexible production.
The large-scale application of industrial grade 5G still has a long way to go.

Different from the consumer field, industrial manufacturing has higher requirements for reliability and stability, and it is difficult for the current operator network to meet the industrial demand.
In addition, the efficient application of 5G should also be based on a highly developed industry. in order to give full play to the role of 5G, not only the improvement of individual manufacturers is needed, but also the production environment needs to be improved at the same time. It seems that there is still a long way to go-- on the basis of realizing high precision and high speed of equipment, improving the level of production digitization, and promoting the formation of industrial data network. There is still a lot of basic work for us to do.

According to the statistics of China Machine tool Industry Association, in the field of metal-cutting machine tools, China produced a total of 488610 metal-cutting machine tools in 2018, of which 190642 were CNC machine tools, accounting for less than 40% of the total output.

In promoting the digitization of production, China is still in a relatively backward position. In order to achieve the transformation of digitalization and networking in the whole industry, and even the large-scale application of 5G network, machine tool people still need to work harder and longer. But when 5G comes, it's always a good thing.

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