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The Countless Applications of Printed Circuit Boards

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The Countless Applications of Printed Circuit Boards

You may not think about them often but there’s no denying the impact electronics have had on our lives. While the world has marveled at how quickly and efficiently we’ve been able to reduce the size of common electronic devices (e.g. computers, TVs, and cell phones, etc.), there are very few who know that all this remarkable progress was made possible by PCBs.

From medicine to aerospace engineering, here’s how PCBs have revolutionized our world in the short time since their introduction.

1.    Medical Applications:

It’s safe to say that electronics have completely revolutionized the public healthcare sector. Nowadays, we’ve highly efficient machines that can diagnose, monitor and treat ailments much better than ever before. In fact, it’s because of these machines (a few other reasons) that our mortality rate is lower now than in any other point of time.

All this has been made possible by PCBs. Here’s how PCBs changed the healthcare industry.
        i.            Scanners: Whether ultrasonic or CT, both these sensors rely on sophisticated PCBs for their functionality.
      ii.            Monitors: From blood pressure monitors to glucose and insulin level monitors, nearly all monitoring devices use PCBs.
    iii.            Internal Devices: The pacemaker, an ingenious device that has saved the lives of 3 million people, uses PCBs.

2. Electronics Applications:

As discussed above, almost all electronic devices use PCBs in some way, shape, or form. Here’s how PCBs have revolutionized consumer electronics.
        i.            Cell Phones: The efficient wiring schemes offered by PCBs have allowed our phones to reduce drastically in size.
      ii.            Computers: Everything in our computers (from RAM chips to sophisticated GPUs) is powered by PCBs.
    iii.            Multimedia Devices: Almost all recording devices (from digital cameras to microphones) all depend on PCBs.
     iv.            Simple Home Appliances: The common household electronics that we use every day (such as microwaves, refrigerators, and coffee makers) rely on PCBs to function properly.

3.   Automotive Applications:

With the recent surge in popularity of electric and smart cars, here’s how PCBs have impacted the automotive industry.
        i.            Navigation Systems: Satellite navigation is nothing short of a modern day necessity and is made possible by PCBs.
      ii.            Control Systems: Car control systems like fuel monitoring systems and engine management systems all rely on PCBs to function.
    iii.            Near-Field Monitors: The near field monitors installed in most modern cars are great for health and safety as they give remove blind spots but did you know that they are powered by PCBs?

4.   Miscellaneous Applications:

And that’s not all as there are countless other industries that have also been impacted by the rise of PCBs. Here are some notable mentions,
        i.            Firearms: It is common knowledge that both the military and individual rifle manufactures commonly uses PCBs in their testing equipment.
      ii.            Security: In-house and off-site security systems such as CCTV cameras and infrared cameras use PCBs to relay information and record.
    iii.            Marine: It’s a little known fact that marine equipment such as underwater cameras make use of PCBs to function.
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