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How Your Firm Stands to Benefit from Using TurnKey Solutions

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Turnkey manufacturing solutions are a smart choice for any company that is dealing with electronic device manufacturing.

Turnkey mainly refers to a service where a contractor undertakes the entire responsibility from design to completion, as well as prototyping and testing. The only thing that client has to do is provide their required specifications, and they are provided with a complete circuit board or device.

In simple terms, it is getting a full package—design, manufacturing, installation and setup—rather than completing the project on your own. There is no need to manage multiple vendors for various parts and no need to shuffle schedules, as one company provides the completed product.

Here are some advantages of obtaining turnkey solutions:

One Supplier to Contact

Nothing affects the flow of manufacturing like having to contact multiple suppliers for getting the parts or worse, having multiple suppliers to communicate with each other. A single change would require hours as all the parties would have to be instructed individually. This would involve contacting the designer and then the manufacturer and then the designer again to get a follow-up.

A turnkey solution provider would eliminate the hassle of communicating with a multiple parties.   

Synchronized Design and Manufacturing

The greatest advantage of going with turnkey solutions is that the design and manufacturing is always in sync throughout the project. This makes it easy for the client to have any changes made to the dimension or feature of their product, without worrying whether the manufacturer can execute it or not.

Any inconsistency between design and manufacturing can result in a lot of waste, leading to higher direct material cost.

Lower Cost

Going with turnkey solutions is always more affordable than going with unfinished or unassembled products.

Since design, manufacturing, assembly and installation is being handled by the same company, it is done in relatively quick time and the overall cost of the project is much lower.

One Company Invoicing

Another disadvantage of dealing with multiple suppliers is the need to create multiple invoices. At a certain stage, it becomes extremely difficult to manage so many invoices as they complicate the accounting processes.

By going with turnkey solutions, the accounting process becomes quite easy to manage.  

Where can you get Reliable Turnkey Solutions for PCBs?

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