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Topscom Emerges as an Industry Leader in the world of PCB Design

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Topscom Emerges as an Industry Leader in the world of PCB Design
Topscom PCB Assembly provides high-quality printed circuit boards to top organizations and individual circuit designers alike.
Shenzhen City, People’s Republic of China – June 6, 2013: Since its inception in 1995, Topscom has been providing reliable electronic and electrical solutions to its clients. The company only features premium quality solutions on its website which is why it has been able to add the likes of BMW, Philips, Canon, and Samsung to its clientele.
A spokesperson for the company was recently quoted saying, “We’ve been active in the industry for decades and are well aware the importance Printed Circuit Board have in circuit design today. With more and more emphasis on breaking the mould and making devices as sleek and slim as possible, our clients know that they can count on us for premium quality PCBs and other electrical solutions. The quality of our products is so well-known that we find clients not only in China but in Europe and North America as well!”
Although Topscom is an industry leader (given the fact that it generated more than 80 million USD is sales revenue in 2016 alone), the company goes out of its way to remain as environmentally friendly as possible. The company got its ISO 140001 certification back in 2004 which just goes to show that the company is willing to go the extra mile to minimize environmental degradation.
Apart from this, Topscom also holds other ISO certifications which prove that the company is a cut above the rest as far as management and utilization of resources is concerned. The company is ISO 9001 certified (which is the benchmark of quality management) and also holds numerous IPC Certifications which indicate its manufacturing prowess.
“We take great pride in our ability to provide application specific solutions to our clients,” the spokesperson continued. “Doesn’t matter if you want a robust and reliable single-sided PCB or something as complicated as a multi-layered PCB, we’ll be more than happy to help as our Layout and Fabrication Division is capable to produce PCBs with more than 70 layers. No matter what the application may be, we can give you a cost-effective and efficient electrical solution customized to your requirements!”
All these little facts showcase the professionalism and superior quality control methods Topscom adheres. Apart from this, the company always tries to have an open communication channel with its clients which is reflected in the fact that the company invites and encourages customer interaction via phone, email, and its official website.

About The Company:

Operating out of Shenzen City, Topscom has been making waves for all the right reasons in the unforgiving world of electrical solutions. The company is the go to choice of countless industry leaders for their PCB needs which just goes to show the superior quality of its electrical and electronic solutions.

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