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The upcoming latest schedule for 2020 exhibitions in the wold

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2020 year latest news,China Topscom Attend all global electronics trade fair (exhibitions,trade Show) of each country in the world in 2020 year,China Topscom provide pcb board manufacturing and pcba assembly, turnkey electronic contract manufacturing service for all electronics products.
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2020 global exhibtions in the world

2020 Seoul International Packaging Exhibition, Korea.
2020-4-1 to 2020-4-1.
Seoul is held every two years.
2020 Hannover Industrial Exhibition, Germany.
2020-4-1 to 2020-4-1.
Hanover is held once a year.
Printing Exhibition Printing Ph., Kathmandu, Nepal, 2020.
2020-4-1 to 2020-4-1.
Kathmandu is held once a year.
REKLAMA P., Prague Printing and Advertising Packaging Exhibition, Czech Republic, 2020.
2020-4-1 to 2020-4-1.
Prague is held once a year.
2020 Czech Brno Packaging and Printing Exhibition EMBAXPRINT.
2020-4-1 to 2020-4-1.
Brno is held every two years.
2020 International Food and Beverage Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.
2020-4-1 to 2020-4-1.
Tokyo is held once a year.
2020 Tashkent International Food Exhibition in Uzbekistan.
2020-4-1 to 2020-4-1.
2020 Cairo International Food ingredients Exhibition, Egypt.
2020-4-1 to 2020-4-3.
Cairo is held once a year.
The 18th International Building Materials Exhibition in Indonesia (Jakarta) in 2020 I.
2020-4-1 to 2020-4-5.
2020 American Advertising Show ISA.
2020-4-2 to 2020-4-4.
2020 Algiers International Food Fair, Algeria.
2020-4-6 to 2020-4-9.
Algiers meets once a year.
2020 Dubai International Food Fair, United Arab Emirates.
2020-4-6 to 2020-4-8.
2020 Nashville International Brewery Machinery and Technology Exhibition.
2020-4-6 to 2020-4-9.
Nashville is held once a year.
2020 Dubai Hotel supplies Fair GULFHOST.
2020-4-6 to 2020-4-8.
Dubai World Trade Center.
2020 Tokyo Electronics Show.
2020-4-8 to 2020-4-10.
2020 Japan international professional data center, data storage, big data management.
2020-4-8 to 2020-4-10.
Youming International Exhibition Center, Tokyo, Japan.
2020 International Food and Packaging Industry processing Technology Exhibition in Nairobi, Kenya.
2020-4-9 to 2020-4-11.
Nairobi is held once a year.
The 30th Vietnam National Import and Export Trade Expo 2020.
2020-4-10 to 2020-4-13
Hanoi International Exhibition Center (ICE).
2020 Seoul International Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Technology Exhibition, South Korea.
2020-4-14 to 2020-4-14.
2020 International Food Exhibition in Montreal, Canada.
2020-4-15 to 2020-4-17.
The city of Montreal is held once a year.
INTERMOLD 2020 Japan Die & Mould Exhibition (Osaka).
2020-4-15 to 2020-4-18.
Osaka Intex Osaka, Japan.
INTERMOLD 2020 Nagoya Mould Exhibition, Japan.
2020-4-15 to 2020-4-17.
Portmesse of Nagoya, Japan.
2020 China-ASEAN (Vietnam) Electronic and Electrical Appliances Exhibition.
2020-4-15 to 2020-4-18.
Viet Nam.
The 30th Hanoi International Trade Fair, Vietnam, 2020.
2020-4-15 to 2020-4-18.
Hanoi International Exhibition Center, Vietnam.
International Baking Technology Exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey, 2020.
2020-4-16 to 2020-4-19.
Istanbul is held every two years.
2020 SAITEX & South Africa International Trade week.
2020-4-16 to 2020-4-19.
Gallagher Exhibition Center, Johannesburg, South Africa.
2020 Riyadh International Building Materials Exhibition Saudi build.
2020-4-16 to 2020-4-19.
Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Saudi Arabia.
2020 Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Beauty Exhibition CosmoBeaute.
2020-4-18 to 2020-4-20.
Ho Chi Minh Sai Kung Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Mexico International Musical Instruments, stage Lighting and Audio Technology Exhibition 2020.
2020-4-19 to 2020-4-21.
Mexico WorldTradeCe.
International Food and Beverage Fair in Barcelona, Spain, 2020.
2020-4-20 to 2020-4-23.
Barcelona is held every two years.
International Printing Exhibition Print India, Mumbai, India, 2020.
2020-4-20 to 2020-4-23.
Nigeria is held once a year.
2020 International Logistics Exhibition in Hanover, Germany.
2020-4-20 to 2020-4-24.
2019 rotor 2020 Turkey (Istanbul) Home Textile Exhibition Home.
2020-4-21 to 2020-4-25.
Istanbul CNR Exhibition Center.
2020 Boston International Aquatic products Exhibition.
2020-4-21 to 2020-4-23.
Once a year in Boston.
2020 Anaheim International Natural and Organic Food Exhibition.
2020-4-21 to 2020-4-22.
Anaheim meets once a year.
The 23rd British International Professional Industry Expo 2020.
2020-4-21 to 2020-4-23
NEC Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK.
Australia International Building Materials and equipment Exhibition 2020.
2020-4-21 to 2020-4-23.
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center.
2020 International Food ingredients Exhibition, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
2020-4-22 to 2020-4-24.
Ho Chi Minh City is held every two years.
International Spring Cosmetics and Beauty Instruments Exhibition in Moscow, Russia, 2020.
2020-4-23 to 2020-4-23.
India IN-STOREASIA 2020.
2020-4-23 to 2020-4-25.
FESPA 2020 European Spain Madrid Global Printing Expo.
2020-4-28 to 2020-4-30.
Madrid is held once a year.
2020 Kazakhstan Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Exhibition.
2020-4-28 to 2020-4-30.
2020 British Advertising Show.
2020-4-28 to 2020-4-30.
2020 Lima International Packaging Exhibition, Peru.
2020-5-1 to 2020-5-1.
Lima is held every two years.
2020 Hannover International Packaging Machinery Exhibition, Germany.
2020-5-1 to 2020-5-1.
Hanover is held every two years.
2020 Sydney International Plastics Exhibition, Australia.
2020-5-1 to 2020-5-1.
Sydney is held every two years.
2020 Ethiopia Plastics and Printing and Packaging Exhibition (ETHIO.
2020-5-1 to 2020-5-1.
Addis Ababa is held once a year.
2020 Seoul International Food and Hotel supplies Exhibition, South Korea.
2020-5-1 to 2020-5-1.
Seoul is held once a year.
2020 Southeast Asia (Thailand) label Printing Exhibition Labelexpo.
2020-5-1 to 2020-5-1.
Bangkok is held every two years.
2020 Berlin International Fruit and vegetable Exhibition, Germany.
2020-5-1 to 2020-5-1.
Once a year in Berlin.
2020 New Jersey International Eastern Plant extract Exhibition.
2020-5-1 to 2020-5-1.
Orlando is held once a year.
2020 Tokyo Food ingredients Exhibition, Japan.
2020-5-1 to 2020-5-1.
Tokyo is held once a year.
2020 Hanoi Printing and Packaging Industry Exhibition Hanoi Prin.
2020-5-7 to 2020-5-9.
Hanoi is held once a year.
International packaging machinery, packaging and confectionery machinery in Dusseldorf, Germany, 2020.
2020-5-7 to 2020-5-13.
Dusseldorf is held every three years.
International Food and Food Packaging Machinery Exhibition in Algiers, Algeria, 2020.
2020-5-7 to 2020-5-13.
Algiers meets once a year.
2020 Polish Electronics Show.
2020-5-7 to 2020-5-9.
Warsaw, Poland.
2020 Polish ElectronicsShow consumer electronics and.
2020-5-8 to 2020-5-10.
Warsaw International Exhibition Center.
2020 Poland International Consumer Electronics and Household Appliances Fair.
2020-5-10 to 2020-5-12.
2020 Ethiopia Electric Energy Exhibition.
2020-5-13 to 2020-5-15.
Millennium Pavilion, Addis Ababa.
2020 International High performance Plastics Exhibition in Osaka, Japan.
2020-5-13 to 2020-5-15.
Osaka twice a year.
Hi-End2020 2020 International Acoustic Exhibition in Munich, Germany.
2020-5-14 to 2020-5-17.
2020 Moscow International Sports Exhibition, Russia.
2020-5-14 to 2020-5-16.
Crocus Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia.
The 7th Vietnam Professional stage Lighting and Audio KTV Exhibition in 2020.
2020-5-15 to 2020-5-17.
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
2020 Chicago International Hotel supplies Fair NRA.
2020-5-16 to 2020-5-19.
McCormick Exhibition Center.
2020 Miami Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Show.
2020-5-18 to 2020-5-21.
2020 Polish Keltze International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition.
2020-5-19 to 2020-5-22.
Keltze is held once a year.
2020 International confectionery, Sweet and Snack Food Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2020-5-19 to 2020-5-21.
Once a year, S ã o Paulo.
Ghana China Trade week 2020.
2020-5-20 to 2020-5-22.
Accra National Convention Center.
2020 Italian self-help Fair VENDITALIA2020.
2020-5-20 to 2020-5-23.
Milan, Italy.
2020 Italian vending machine exhibition.
2020-5-20 to 2020-5-23.
The 6th Indian Smart City Expo 2020.
2020-5-20 to 2020-5-22.
Madan International Exhibition Center, New Delhi.
The 175th Japanese Foundry Conference and Exhibition in 2020.
2020-5-24 to 2020-5-27.
Nagoya International Exhibition Center, Japan.
International Asian World Food Expo 2020 Bangkok, Thailand.
2020-5-26 to 2020-5-30.
Bangkok is held once a year.
2020 International Private Brand Trade Fair in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
2020-5-26 to 2020-5-27.
Amsterdam is held once a year.
2020 Lima International Plastics Industry Exhibition, Peru.
2020-5-27 to 2020-5-30.
Lima is held every two years.
2020 Lima Plastics and Rubber Exhibition (EXPOPLAST P., Peru.
2020-5-27 to 2020-5-30.
Peruvian Exhibition Center.
In 2020 Asia (Thailand) INFOCOMM audio-visual integrated equipment and.
2020-5-27 to 2020-5-29.
International Trade Center in Bangkok, Thailand.
2020 US (Miami) Garment Textile Show ATS.
2020-5-28 to 2020-5-30.
Mana Convention and Exhibition Center, MANA WY.
International Professional Lighting, Audio, audition equipment and Technology Exhibition, Mumbai, India, 2020.
2020-5-28 to 2020-5-30.
BombayExhib in Mumbai, India.
2020 Middle East (Dubai) International Beauty Exhibition Beautyworl.
2020-5-31 to 2020-6-2.
Dubai World Trade Center, United Arab Emirates.
New York International East Plastics Industry Exhibition 2020.
2020-6-1 to 2020-6-1.
New York is held once a year.
2020 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition in Yangon, Myanmar.
2020-6-1 to 2020-6-1.
Yangon is held once a year.
2020 International plastic and Rubber Machinery Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand.
2020-6-1 to 2020-6-1.
Bangkok is held once a year.
German Druba International Printing Exhibition 2020.
2020-6-1 to 2020-6-1.
Addis Ababa is held once a year.
2020 Kenya International Printing and Packaging labeling Exhibition PRINT PAC.
2020-6-1 to 2020-6-1.
Kenya is held once a year.
2020 International Food and Beverage Industry Technology Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2020-6-1 to 2020-6-1.
Once a year, S ã o Paulo.
2020 Ethiopia Addis Ababa International Plastics and Printing Packaging Exhibition.
2020-6-1 to 2020-6-1.
Addis Ababa.
2020 International Building Materials Exhibition in Africa.
2020-6-3 to 2020-6-5.
Accra National Convention Centre, Ghana
The 6th China Brand goods (Central and Eastern Europe) Exhibition in 2020.
2020-6-3 to 2020-6-5.
Budapest Convention and Exhibition Center.
Argentina International Printing Industry Exhibition 2020 (Expografik.
2020-6-8 to 2020-6-11.
Dusseldorf is held every four years.
RosMould Russia International Die & Mould Exhibition 2020.
2020-6-8 to 2020-6-10.
Russia. Moscow. CROCUS.
2020 Buenos Aires International Plastics Industry Exhibition, Argentina.
2020-6-8 to 2020-6-11.
Buenos Aires is held every two years.
June 2020 Russian International Paper Industry and Packaging Exhibition.
2020-6-8 to 2020-6-11.
Moscow crocusexp, Russia.
2020 (25th session) Russia (Moscow) International Packaging and Paper Industry.
2020-6-8 to 2020-6-10.
Moscow, Russia.
Russia International Steel structure Exhibition 2020.
2020-6-9 to 2020-6-11.
Russian Ruby Exhibition Hall Expoce.
2020 Mexican Medical Exhibition.
2020-6-9 to 2020-6-11.
Mexico City Exhibition Center.
RetailX, the former global. of the 2020 US merchandise products Show.
2020-6-9 to 2020-6-11.
Chicago, USA.
2020 International Summer Special Food Exhibition in New York, USA.
2020-6-10 to 2020-6-11.
New York is held once a year.
2020 Mexican Restaurant supplies and Kitchen Appliances Exhibition.
2020-6-12 to 2020-6-14.
June 2020 Los Angeles (USA) Professional fabric Textile and clothing Exhibition AFF.
2020-6-15 to 2020-6-17.
Los Angeles California Market Center

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