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Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer Gun

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Infrared Forehead Thermometer Gun Mode Number :   BR100,  BR200. Sell In Stock.

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Topscom is a comprehensive infrared temperature measurement solution manufacturer.

Topscom is an ISO 9001 & 13485 certified and FDA registered medical device design and manufacturing company. We have been a manufacturer of medical device for more than 10 years.Topscom is also a leading provider of intelligent inspection robots, intelligent infrared thermal imaging products and solutions, and is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in artificial intelligence, mechanical and electrical control, machine vision, deep learning, infrared temperature measurement technology research and development and comprehensive application.
Topscom is committed to the research and development of intelligent infrared thermal imaging products, and launches infrared thermal imaging products and industry solutions with high definition, accurate temperature measurement and AI intelligence. Now it has formed a series of products such as double visual infrared series, movement module series, consumer product series, UAV load series and so on, which are widely used in equipment maintenance, electric power, petrochemical, construction, industrial production lines and other fields. Promote the intelligence, data and visualization of infrared monitoring.

Our whole products line for temperature measurement solution as below:

Infrared Forehead Thermometer Gun Application:

Dual mode clinical proven accurate professional pediatric thermometer for home, nursery, clinic, physician’s office, school, Day Care and work. This top rated digital forehead function touchless thermometer is a favorite baby gift for newborn/ baby room, children gift basket checklist. Great choice for family. Instant read fast thermometer is ideal for pediatric, doctor, nurses and healthcare professional working with toddlers, infants, babies, children, adults.

FAST + ACCURATE: Latest dual mode most accurate instant read noncontact IR / infrared thermometer for kids, toddlers, adults also approved for measuring liquid (baby bottle), objects, surface and room temp. Ultra fast reading in less than 1 second by a super precision temperature sensor. Large, quick and easy to read color coded smart LCD: Green, Yellow, Red for normal, elevated and high human body / head fever temperatures. Newborn baby health device to care for sick, fever, flu or cold


Infrared Forehead Thermometer Gun Description:

Measuring range: Body mode:32.0-43.0℃
Obeject mode:0-6℃
Display resolution 0.1 /°F
Measuring location Laboratory
Accuracy 32.0ºC~34.9. ºC,Maximum allowance error ±0.3ºC
35.0ºC~42.0ºC ,Maximum allowance error ±0.2ºC
42.1ºC~42.9ºC ,Maximum allowance error ±0.3ºC
Screen LCD screen with 4 numbers and other signs
Sound A short beep when starting the device or preparing measuring.
Measurement finished: A long beep(1s) when temperature is lower than 37.5℃.
10 short beeps when temperature is higher than 37.5℃.
System error or fault: 3 beeps.
Memory function 20 groups of memory
Indicator Indicator shows blue light when measuring。
Indicator shows green light when measurement finished with a temperature lower than 37.5℃.
Indicator shows red light when measurement finished with a temperature higher than 37.5℃.
Operating temperature Body mode:5℃-32.0℃
Temperature mode:0℃-60.0℃Storage environment Temperature: -20-+50℃
Humidity: 15-85%RH
Automatic power-off In 1 minute without any operation
Battery Two 1.5V AAA batteries

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