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intelligent infrared thermal imaging temperature screening scanner system

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Topscom is a comprehensive infrared thermal image imaging temperature screening system solution provider
Topscom is an ISO 9001 & 13485 certified and FDA registered medical device design and manufacturing company. We have been a manufacturer of medical device for more than 10 years.Topscom is also a leading provider of intelligent inspection robots, intelligent infrared thermal imaging products and solutions, and is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in artificial intelligence, mechanical and electrical control, machine vision, deep learning, infrared temperature measurement technology research and development and comprehensive application.
Topscom is committed to the research and development of intelligent infrared thermal imaging products, and launches infrared thermal imaging products and industry solutions with high definition, accurate temperature measurement and AI intelligence. Now it has formed a series of products such as double visual infrared series, movement module series, consumer product series, UAV load series and so on, which are widely used in equipment maintenance, electric power, petrochemical, construction, industrial production lines and other fields. Promote the intelligence, data and visualization of infrared monitoring.

Our whole products line for temperature measurement solution as below:


Efficient epidemic prevention and control.
  • solution for Rapid screening of body temperature in Infrared Thermal Imaging.
  • non-contact rapid screening of body temperature.
  • long-distance, large area detection.
  • Fast alarm response and high temperature measurement accuracy.
  • continuous video recording, historical traceability can be found.
Intelligent infrared thermal imaging temperature screening system Market application and feedback:
In the face of shopping malls, office buildings, schools, a large number of people with high-speed personnel flow, large-scale rapid temperature detector. 1000 people-100000 people per day.
Suitable for: hospitals, railway stations, airports, office buildings, schools, universities, middle schools, government service centers, large enterprise factories, property communities, commercial centers, subways, shopping malls, cinemas, scenic spots. No contact, automatic alarm, rapid screening of high fever body temperature.
Because with the thermal imaging system installed in hospitals, subway stations, railway stations, airports and other places with a large flow of people to carry out body temperature detection, the market feedback is worth thinking about some questions:
The main results are as follows: 1. The accuracy of thermal imaging measurement of human body temperature is affected by the external environment.
2. The high temperature source in the environment can easily lead to the false alarm of thermal imaging overtemperature.
3. How to confirm the specific feverish person in the thermal image.
Is there any way to solve it? These problems were taken seriously by Topscom. In response to the problems, the Topscom R & D team responded quickly and launched a fully automatic infrared temperature screening system suitable for human body temperature detection from multi-dimensional tests such as algorithm models and software upgrades.


Advantages of automatic infrared temperature screening instrument.
1. Automatically lock face temperature measurement to prevent false positives.
2. Intelligent temperature calibration algorithm to prevent false positives.
3. Automatic alarm and automatic snapping of overtemperature.
4. high pixel imaging is clear and temperature measurement is accurate.
5. Complete installation and debugging in 10 minutes to support rapid layout and control.
6. Provide SDK to send and open packages to meet the integration of multiple scenarios.
7.non-contact rapid screening of body temperature.
8.long-distance, large area detection.
9.Fast alarm response and high temperature measurement accuracy.
10.continuous video recording, historical traceability can be found.
Body temperature screening: which method is the most efficient for large area rapid screening?


First, the advantage of infrared thermal imager in temperature measurement.
After the recent outbreak of novel coronavirus, fever usually appears as the first symptom, and body temperature measurement has become the main means to screen suspected cases, especially in hospitals, subway stations, railway stations and other crowded places.
At present, the most common tools for measuring body temperature on the market are divided into three categories: the first category: contact temperature measurement tools such as mercury thermometer; the second category: close contact tools such as infrared forehead thermometer, the first two types are at risk of cross-infection because they are in contact with or close to the human body. At the same time, temperature measurement takes a long time, low efficiency, manual operation, but also needs to invest a lot of manpower and material resources.
The third category: recently, the infrared thermal imager, which has attracted much attention, transforms the invisible infrared energy emitted by the human body into a visible thermal image, which is simply to change the temperature from a numerical value to an image full of temperature data. non-contact and efficient temperature measurement are its most significant advantages.

Second, the temperature measurement principle of infrared thermal imager.
The temperature measurement principle of the thermal imager is to passively receive the infrared radiation emitted by the object to image and measure the temperature, which is the same as the camera principle, so using the thermal imager to measure the body temperature has no harm to the human body.
Third, the temperature difference between normal and abnormal body temperature is very small, can it be identified by thermal images?
The higher the thermal sensitivity of the infrared thermal imager is, the stronger the ability to distinguish the small temperature difference is, and the more accurate the temperature measurement is. If the thermal sensitivity of an infrared thermal imager is 0.03 ℃, then the thermal imager can distinguish the temperature difference of 0.03 ℃, which can be well met for body temperature screening, which requires high accuracy. Technical parameters such as thermal sensitivity need to be certified by national metrology institutions before they can be launched, and Topscom thermal imagers have such qualification certification.

Fourth: for such an accurate temperature measurement demand, will there be fluctuations in temperature measurement data that affect the temperature measurement results?
If we deeply study the infrared thermal imaging technology, we will know that there are two very important indicators to judge whether an infrared thermal imager is professional and reliable, that is, "temperature measurement stability" and "temperature measurement consistency".
For example, in the test report of China Electric Power Research Institute, a thermal camera shows that the continuous temperature measurement of 49.8 ℃ for 2 hours shows that the fluctuation of the test result is very small (the fluctuation value is between 0 ℃ and 0.3 ℃). And when measuring the same blackbody target surface, the values of nine areas in the same picture are basically the same. It can show that the stability and consistency of temperature measurement meet the requirements of accurate measurement.
Fifth, why can the fully automatic infrared temperature screening instrument carry out large area body temperature screening?


Built-in AI dual-light face detection module: automatically lock face temperature measurement, clearly display the highest face temperature, intelligently shield high temperature sources except the face in the scene, prevent false positives, and achieve 100% personnel detection rate.
Built-in body temperature calibration algorithm: automatically collect face temperature in different scenes for self-learning, and adjust the body temperature alarm threshold in real time to adapt to the change of ambient temperature to prevent missing reports of suspected febrile people due to low ambient temperature in the morning and night.
Built-in statistics function: automatically count the number of people who have been screened and the number of suspected fevers who have reported to the police during the screening process. When people with body temperature overtemperature are detected, the temperature screening software will automatically capture a thermal image of people with body temperature overtemperature. To achieve data management of epidemic prevention and control.
Body temperature overtemperature voice broadcast: the system of people with body temperature overtemperature in the crowd will automatically issue a voice broadcast to alert the voice, and the facial parts of the overtemperature personnel will be automatically displayed in a red box, which is convenient for on-site screening of people with abnormal body temperature.

384mm 288pixel high definition thermal imaging and temperature measurement accuracy: up to 110000 effective temperature measurement pixels, more than 5 times higher than the effective temperature measurement pixels of the low-end 160mm 120 products, the thermal imaging is clear, and is suitable for accurate temperature measurement over longer distances.
Hand-held and online two-in-one, 10-minute fast control: the built-in battery of the thermal imager can be used for 10 hours, which is convenient for screening as a handheld thermal imager anytime and anywhere. It takes only 10 minutes from unpacking to commissioning and operation, the online control is convenient and fast, and the delivery cost such as engineering construction is saved.
And free SDK development package to support the integration of a variety of application scenarios, such as temperature doors, attendance machines, witness-in-one temperature measurement and so on.


Comparative analysis of human body temperature measurement equipment:
Forehead temperature gun: manual operation, point-to-point, to contact, poor efficiency.
Temperature gate: single-point temperature measurement, inaccurate point, invalid, large deviation, no storage analysis.
Simple thermometer: infrared temperature probe has the advantages of low sensitivity, large deviation, many environmental interference and inaccuracy.

Intelligent inspection robots   BR-R116

The intelligent patrol robot integrates the core technologies such as uncooled focal plane detector, trackless laser navigation and positioning, infrared temperature measurement, intelligent meter reading, image recognition and so on. it can carry out all-weather inspection of equipment and people, data acquisition, video surveillance, temperature and humidity measurement, air pressure monitoring and so on.

Atomized particles are small.
Strong disinfection.
Built-in voice module to remind evacuation.
Efficient disinfection and uniform spraying.
Differential chassis, flexible operation.
It is not slippery when sprayed on the ground.

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